Not a chemical imbalance

I don’t think humanity is going to continue to agree to what is government approved torturing of people who have already undergone trauma. I don’t think humanity wants to be inhumane. So eventually th

I can't draw anymore: end psychiatry's regime of forced drugging! by Initially NO Psychiatry must die! by Initially NO Change the law! Stop forced drugging! by Initially NO The 'last swan dance' cartoons by Initially NO Protesting psychiatry peacefully by Initially NO

Rainbows aren’t a crime

Charge me with an offence. / Don’t say that’s irrelevant / Because that’s not making sense.

Percipience, chapter 13: Mind minimalism

My tongue poked from cheek and round about as I tried to tell a nurse how I kept fainting and hitting my nose on the floor. She tittered an…
Stripped, penetrated, false imprisonment, forced drugging by Initially NO

Protesting my arrest

We protested loudly / We made ourselves heard / We let ourselves be known / And together raised the tone.

How could you

How could you not know? / Don’t you care about me? / How could you not know? / We’ve talked about it / A zillion times. / How could you not…
Protest by Initially NO

Riding with Morpheus

It’s not exactly sleep-walking, it’s more sleep-waking, but it’s somewhere in between worlds, a limbo of not quite awake to reasoning and l…
Arrested and not a danger to self or others by Initially NO I need a healer not a drug dealer by Initially NO Peer-support is not a psychiatrist's parrot by Initially NO Patient's rights by Initially NO Psychiatry is corporal punishment by Initially NO Supporting the use of psychiatric drugs that cause a person devastating harm, is INSANE and UNSAFE! by Initially NO Shares warning! by Initially NO RANZCP, what exactly are you celebrating? by Initially NO Non compos mentis by Initially NO justifiable anger by Initially NO Psychiatry is one ugly big bag of... by Initially NO Justifiable anger at psychiatric abuse by Initially NO Psychiatry dissociates the world by Initially NO What psychiatry does to the world by Initially NO Psychiatry skewered by its own pitchfork by Initially NO Fry psychiatry! by Initially NO

Children are psychotic by nature

Children are psychotic by nature. They believe in all sorts of things like fairies, Santa Claus, the ToothFairy, Easter bunny. Most of the …
An apple a day by Initially NO

Coercive control

You must comply / Or we’ll stick our nanoprobes in you / Wonder what Startrek / Was talking about and who / When they wrote the Borg.

Seven of nine

Seven of nine you are so fine / With your luscious lips and pouting boobs, / Ocular implant over the eye / And suit that says: she ain’t sh…


Ug. Erk . Eek. / Slug crawl sleep / Yawn scorn / Wish I’d never been born / Tear wreck forget

Tom’s potential light-bulbs

There was a young man named Thomas / Who really didn’t show much promise. / His teacher said he was addled / And that he needed to be paddl…

Psychotropic driving and the media

There are no campaigns about warning people to never operate machinery or drive while on psychiatric medication.

Symbols to heal

That place within / The body / That is always / Trying to do something.

Protection and duty of care

Not all members of the community / Are aware that they can anytime / Call psychiatric services / On a person who / Has a history of attemp…
Medicated for writing by Initially NO

Faery dust in the pockets

Faery dust in the pockets / I have faery dust in my pockets / To sprinkle on the road / And make rainbows appear

Human rights violations

The psychiatric system currently is a cruel, damaging system of punishment, which does not help, rather wrecks, causes trauma, frightens an…

They tell me to be quiet

When I’d rather cause a riot / And have everyone screaming / Out their eccentric meaning. / They tell me to be quiet / But my stomach is on…

There was a woman who was awry

There was a woman who was awry / She said she wanted to fall down and die. / She tried many ways / It was a passing faze / That ended when …


I looked at those numbers / On an old note pad I kept / For some reason or other / And wished I’d just slept.

I was asked if I had a ghost story

I was asked if I had a ghost story. / I delved into my memory. / I have believed many strange things…


I’m trying to find a loop-hole / In these loopy laws / That say that that torture / Can be used / On people who do not abuse.

Upon awakening

I pulled myself from the wreckage / Straightened my spine / And looked down at all those things / That were attached to me

There was a man who was suicidal

There was a man who was suicidal / Who spent his days totally idle.

Why torture yourself

Why torture yourself / About who you should be / Into oblivion / Of who they all are.

Sense memory and psychosis

The capacity for the mind to make up imaginary stimulus is infinite, one need only think of this ability during masturbation and realise, y…

Clover living

So many four leaf clovers / Waiting to be found. / They hide themselves / Amongst the three leafs

There was a man with schizophrenia

There was a man with schizophrenia / Whose thoughts were too linear.

The need to scream

Sometimes / People need to scream / In a sound proof room. / Let the voice boom

Out there

Must always try to be out there / Getting everything out there / Take what is inside yourself / And place it out there.

There once was a man who was insane

There once was a man who was insane / Wanted to graft part of his brain / Onto a caterpillar
Unshushable by Initially NO Meeting psychiatry half way by Initially NO Psychiatry in jail! by Initially NO Psychiatrism by Initially NO Stop spouting psychiatrism! by Initially NO Outrage in Australia! by Initially NO Psychiatric abuse awareness ribbon by Initially NO Schizophrenia awareness by Initially NO Freud's fraud by Initially NO I want to live by Initially NO Psychiatry's farts by Initially NO Negotiating the psych depot by Initially NO Kick me I'm grieving! by Initially NO Transgenerational protest by Initially NO Psychiatry by Initially NO Psychiatry plays on society's FEAR by Initially NO Where is our ribbon? Psychiatric abuse is widespread! by Initially NO Crisis overlapping by Initially NO Being percipient by Initially NO Psychiatry must die by Initially NO Ugly regime by Initially NO Over 26 million people by Initially NO The psychiatric prayer rituals by Initially NO No one enjoys... by Initially NO Not a small one by Initially NO I did not deserve to be tortured by Initially NO I do not deserve to be tortured by Initially NO Pro-psychiatry nutters by Initially NO Celebrate Psychiatric Survivors Week by Initially NO Don't let the white-coats get you! by Initially NO A candle for all those tortured by the psychiatric regime this Christmas by Initially NO Abolish forced medicine by Initially NO Psychiatry enslaves by Initially NO The psychiatric regime must end in 2017 by Initially NO

Leave us people alone!

We don’t need any medication / We don’t need any thought control / Psychos leave us people alone! / Your terms are your, not fo…
200 years too long by Initially NO Catch psychiatric by Initially NO Put the monsters on trial no more victim-blame by Initially NO Repeal all Mental Health Acts by Initially NO Equality Before the Law by Initially NO Stop shock by Initially NO Abolish Forced Psychiatry by Initially NO Discuss this disgusting breach of human rights by Initially NO And cannot be trusted! by Initially NO Royal Commission into Mental Health must not include McGorry by Initially NO
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