Just a Passing Moment

I think we all take ‘something’ for granted, whether it’s heat in the winter, or that the television will turn on when we hit the power button, we’ll have food in the fridge when we open the door, and yes sometimes we even take friendships for granted. We just know that those people will always be there. Sometimes we get busy with what we want to do and get involved with the ‘me’ outlook. “I need to get this done”, “I want to work on this”, “I have to go there” that when there is a friend in need and calling out for help or comfort, we just know they’ll forgive us and everything will be fine….so we don’t take those 15 minutes to drop everything to lend an ear or a shoulder because they are old friends and will understand.I got a letter from a dear friend of mine recently, her mom was diagnosed with luekemia, given 3-6 months to live. She took her mom to spend a few days on the beach and when they returned she passed away. That got me thinking about all of this, how much and how often we take each other for granted, assuming “they’ll be there tomorrow, I want to do this right now!”In June 2001 I was diagnosed with Cancer and given the option of surgery or death. Very simple terms and not really much of a choice, I was very blessed to have a skilled doctor who removed every bit of it, but I live with the knowledge that any day at any moment it could come back and start growing inside of me again, trying to take my life from me. Any one of us could go at any moment………will those 15 minutes we couldn’t spare for a friend……be the last 15 minutes we could have had with them???I know that I don’t ever want to have to wonder that about anyone that is near and dear to me, just some thoughts that have been going through my mind while all this crazy drama has been going on in my life.I’ll fill you all in later about the drama, but right now I can’t get into it in public, because if the wrong person sees it before it’s time, my children are the ones who will suffer.Sorry for the downer journal entry, but I feel better now that it is out of my system.

Thanks for for the 15 minutes, you could have used doing something else.

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