The Woman Inside

The woman inside

There is a person within myself
She longs to come out
Everyone can see the outside;
Isn’t it fun for them to whisper.
They snicker and point
All they see is the outside.
Can’t they see the hurt?
I’ve tried and I’ve tried to free her.
She’s locked up so tight.
Starving, walking, pills, vomiting
Diets and fads. Exercise bikes, treadmills, videos and books
My heart breaks every time that I fail
Nobody sees that, I pretend I don’t hear
When they point, it’s like a sword cutting deep
Their laughter is like gunshots in my ears.
Everyone loves me, but just for a moment
They hear the woman that is locked up tight
They see the eyes, smile and hair.
They love what they imagine I am.
So long as I can hide from them everything else
They will stick around
But one day.. one day, they will see just what the others do..
Then it’s silence in my life again, they go away
No good-bye thanks for the day
No hug or smile, no explanation at all.
They slink back to their holes
Back where they feel it’s perfect.

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