New Update and Thank yous!

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, first I lost my internet and was only able to get on once in a while through a borrowed connection. With the limited time online and the fact that it was a 24 kbps connection, needless to say I didn’t get much done at all.
But now I finally WOOO HOOO have high speed internet via satellite!
I am so happy about that, cable and dsl aren’t available this far out in the boonies so this was my only choice.
Anyway I will be around a lot more often and hope to get caught up with all your gorgeous works of art.

I also wanted to send out several big hearty thank yous for the cards and t-shirts that have been purchased in the past couple months. You are all such beautiful supportive people.

Triple WOW Thank you!!

Thank you to whoever purchased three of my cards while I was sleeping off a terrible headache! What a delight to get on and find not just one but three cards were sold!!! Put a huge smile on my face that isn’t likely to go away any time soon.
The three sold were

I haven’t tried adding the little pictures yet, sorry. But there are the links to them.
Again…..Thank you SO very much.
smiling so big

Super Celebration Sale

Hello everybody
In celebration of my kids getting ready to go back to school soon AND the changing of the seasons soon AND in appreciation for all of your support and kindness. :)
I’ve marked everything down down down to only a 20% markup.
Now I don’t know if anyone has been interested in purchasing any of my work but the sale will go on for two weeks from today.
I hope you find something that will bring a smile to your face…..and if you aren’t in the market for buying right now, I hope you still find something that puts a smile on your face.

Update as Promised

Well a little while ago I let you know that I would be busy for a while and there was some drama going on that I needed to handle but couldn’t get into at the time.
I don’t know how many people will be interested in reading this and I hope it doesn’t come off as a whining session, but I did promise an update when I felt it was safe for me to do so…….so here it is.
I was married to a great guy, we were best friends and shared everything, about 7 years into the marriage things started to change, he stopped telling me things, got very distant and would rarely but ocassionaly lose his temper with the children, slapping them around. He started to be suspicious of every little thing we did and expected the children to instinctively know and follow the rules (or comply as he would say…a handy …

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I’m very sorry to have fallen behind with my thank you’s :( Your purchases have not gone unnoticed, I feel amazing every time and it gives me an idea of what people really like.
I have sold five cards so far and I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work and taking the time to find something in my portfolio that you really would enjoy seeing all the time.
I do know who bought the two ‘Quad’ Cards that sold THANK YOU!! and I have a feeling who bought ‘Lilac Blooms’ THANK YOU TOO!! hehe
Also ‘For the Aritist’ and ‘Sky Guardian’ have sold recently. THANKS TO YOU TWO AS WELL!!! :)
Such an amazing community!!
I just send out a couple hundred letters asking my friends and family to come and view my work, but to also browse through your page…

Just a Passing Moment

I think we all take ‘something’ for granted, whether it’s heat in the winter, or that the television will turn on when we hit the power button, we’ll have food in the fridge when we open the door, and yes sometimes we even take friendships for granted. We just know that those people will always be there. Sometimes we get busy with what we want to do and get involved with the ‘me’ outlook. “I need to get this done”, “I want to work on this”, “I have to go there” that when there is a friend in need and calling out for help or comfort, we just know they’ll forgive us and everything will be fine….so we don’t take those 15 minutes to drop everything to lend an ear or a shoulder because they are old friends and will understand.I got a letter from a dear friend of mine recently, her mom was diag…

Today is my Birthday Woo Hoooo!!!

Well today or yesterday for some of you…….the 11th of July
Last week I was able to purchase my first 2 prints off this site and I am stoked to see them, can’t hardly wait so I am hoping they show up today…..although I really doubt it because it takes almost 2 weeks to get mail to me from Australia, I can still hope they come on my birthday right?? hehehe

I just wanted to thank you all for making me feel so amazingly welcome here on the bubble, for the purchase of three of my cards, all the warm friendships that are forming, the beautiful feedback and the amazing artwork you all share with me.
Such an amazing place to be!!!!

Have a gorgeous day everyone (and a gorgeous night!!)


Thank you! :)

I sold another card this morning, my second sale on Redbubble WOO HOO
I think I know who bought this one, but just incase she isn’t the one, I won’t say names. :P But……THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! :) i hope you like it. :)
I’m beside myself with happiness right now :) Two sales in one week!! WOO HOO hehe. I took a look at it ‘lilacs in bloom’ as a card and wow on here it looks very nice!! :)
big big hugs


I’m grinning from ear to ear!! So happy! Thank you so much to whoever purchased Quad as a card earlier today!! Whoever you are, you’ve made my week and also you’re the first!! :)
I got up this morning and looked first thing to see if anyone liked the new pics I posted and had this beautiful surprise in my activity monitor!!!

I guess I’m babbling a little now, but really want to THANK you….SO much!!! :)

Updated Portfolio and Trying to get Back

Hey everybody
I want to appologize for not being around lately, haven’t been commenting or posting or replying etc. Life got crazy for a bit, total chaos and my laptop blew……so I’m working on getting back while also trying to get my home life under control and learn a couple new programs. It’s been a wild ride but I’m hoping to get back in here full throttle very shortly.
Thank you to all of you who have continued to come in and say hello on my photos even though I’ve not returned the favor lately. You are all such amazing beautiful people. group hug

I also wanted to let you know that I managed a few moments earlier today to go through my portfolio and get everything marked for sale as canvas and cards as well as the others that were already marked. So maybe with the new cards and the f
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