The wave keeps rolling...

Yes, Inky and my plan to fund Museum of Dust solely by the sweat of our brows is starting to bear fruit!

Two more teeshirts sold!!! … to incredibly insightful purchasers, obviously. Thank you SO much > because of your sacrifice MoD will now be able to start work on a major mural for the foyer > created entirely from diatoms arranged in an intricate and highly-detailed allegory, it will be a major drawcard for visitors from around the world.

Sometime later….. News just in!!! Another philanthropic exemplar of all that is good in humanity has purchased a ‘no god/no master/no santa’ tee… anarchists are my favorite people! El Cacaracha tried to make us give her a slice of the action (she insists that because it’s her edict it’s her IP! As if!!!), but luckily Inky took care of that…

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