redbubble becoming red, white and blue bubble?

RedBubble’s decision to censor works of political criticism that feature the US flag is to be strongly deplored. The works criticised the policies of the US as promulgated by their president and in no way insinuated that any other individuals were to blame. They can be seen > probably for the next nanosecond > here

I am unwilling to continue to contribute to an online community that bows to the lowest common denominator and folds at the first whinge from narrow-minded bigots. Redbubble directly profits from the development of community – but if it cannot be trusted to uphold reasonable freedom of expression then it should not profit from the creativity of those it will not support.

When Mick’s work is removed, I will be removing my own. I ask everyone of good faith and belief in freedom of expression to do the same. I will also be writing to redbubble’s admin to make my case and explain why I think that they are wrong.

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