About buying Matted Prints

I bought some Matted Prints here on redbubble. The prints arrived safely packed and the prints looked really good. It is very beautiful prints of good quality, but however I noticed to my surprise that the prints was cropped. This made me very frustrated since important details in the prints were missing. I wrote to redbubble about this and they replied that from the matted print preview, it should be possible to see where the cropping will be. Afterwards I can see that it is possible to see the cropping a bit, but I think this is very difficult to notice since the preview is very small and also when you zoom in on it, it will be showing the artwork as it is and not how it will be as a matted print. Another factor is that the actually cropping that happened is more comprehensive than what the print preview actually shows. So with this in mind I will consider from now on, if I buy a matted print again, if the artwork can bear to be cropped.
I write this because I do not think that it is clearly informed that this could happen when we buy matted prints.
To know about this may have the effect of less disappointments I hope.
Remember to check the product preview in the edges and be prepared that the cropping can take off a little more than what you can see in the product preview.
Despite this I had a good experience buying on redbubble.
I bought prints from Loui Jover who I think is an amazing talented artist that really touches my heart with his works. I would really recommend everyone to watch his art!

Best regards
Ina Maria

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