Valley Center, United States

Anything I put on here is for practice and fun! I am currently going to school to be an Animator/Graphic Designer. Message Me if You want...


Well I would first like to say Thank You to everyone who added me to their watch list, Favorited any of my work, Or bought any of my shirt designs. It really makes me happy seeing that people are interested in what I enjoy!

The First thing I would like to talk about is where I get my Ideas. They mainly come straight out of the episodes. I will find something I like and make it into something i think people will enjoy. Some of my other shirts are personal designs for friends made out of their favorite pieces of pony art.

I am Going to be receiving The Adobe Suite soon and a Tablet so Expect some Custom artwork! I currently hand draw most of my pony stuff and anything digital is done with GIMP for the time being.

Thank you guys again for the support! Every Little Bit makes my day!


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