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ok iv decided to start plotting all my frustration and complaints on redbubble.
who knows it might create a little influence to my art, or to someone else.

iv recently moved back home with my crazy parents and 2 brothers, after breaking up with my bf (another long story).
and only 2days into moving back home i find myself with not only them but with 3 german tourists living in a caravan out in the front lawn!

i had my bestmate (moritz) from germany coming over sooner than expected and with 2 others as well!

iv been so nuts, stressing, working, driving them around, mum going nuts, germans going nuts, lazy germans that dont do anything but sleep all day and eat my food, mum complaining about it, ect, ect,ect.
i could go for ever!
oh and not to mention all of my clothes are still in garbage bags from moving out of the ex unit, and trying to stop smoking all in the 1 week, fab!

so i kicked the germans out of the house after 4 days, so i could keep my sanity.

i know its a realy lame story but i had to get it off my chest b 4 i go crazy and end up on drugs :)
i need a ciggarette, asap.
liebe imma

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