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  • Custom-made box or flat frame styles
  • High-quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor
  • Premium perspex - clearer and lighter than glass
  • Exhibition quality box or flat frame styles
  • Note: The dimensions listed indicate printed image measurements and exclude mat board and frame dimensions


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Alternate view of NEVER TOO LATE Framed Art Print
Alternate view of NEVER TOO LATE Framed Art Print
Alternate view of NEVER TOO LATE Framed Art Print
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Designed by Chris T Atkinson
*My Thoughts Behind This Picture Quote Creation:* The image of a boy in an astronaut suit dreaming of one day becoming an astronaut and exploring space, speak to us of the following truths... When we are children we all dream of being astronauts and ballerinas and dancers, builders and explorers.. For nothing is impossible in the imagination of a child. For we were all created to explore the unknown… But then we sadly allow others to impose their self-limiting beliefs on us. Negative Beliefs that then strangle the LIFE FORCE of imagination, faith and positive belief out of us.. ..For we fail to realise that the common characteristic of all "Geniuses" who create and build and make the world BETTER in some way, is that they have simply allowed their imagination to stay intact and GROW.. Thus those we call "Geniuses" create in the physical world, what they first saw in their inner world of their imagination.. And likewise we can also do this too, if we allow the inner child in us to play, dream and BELIEVE once again.. For we are all born "Geniuses".. *Yes.. "It's Never Too Late To Be The Person You Were Meant To Be"..* To read My "Inspirational & Motivational New Beginnings Quote & Note that inspired this Creation click here..": *Live Like The Master* *Chris T Atkinson*

NEVER TOO LATE Framed Art Print

Designed by Chris T Atkinson


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