Adopting the Earth as our Mother

Adopting Earth as our Mother: A Riddle to Wrestle

Does it sound strange this title, “Adopting our Mother Earth?” I am afraid that it does for the mere fact that we have adopted an artificial world that is at odds with the Earth by causing the global warming crisis and the extermination of so many beautiful species.. Just Google search “Plastic Ocean Soup.” This garbage soup swirling were ocean currents gather, comes from ocean barge dumping. In ten minutes I was overwhelmed from reading about this garbage in the ocean. I had to turn off the computer and play with my two children just to snap out of it. The next day it hit me, that the ancient Hindu seers saw this grey ocean soup over 3000 years ago. And from their visions came the Indian myth of the Churning of the Ocean. In the legend, the ocean is grey and all who are good and evil in the world use a giant rope to turn a mountain on a turtles back in order to produce the white elixir of immortality out of this grey ocean.
The symbols within this legend span the globe with a common theme: that the Earth is first a void; that with care and attention from the creative Mother of All the Earth begins to produce life. This life can become grey and die. But, if we cooperate, all of us, this life can begin to change into an eternally sustaining habitation. This is true all because the Mother of All allows us to mix the perfect Soma, the elixir of immortality.
I am tempted to turn away and say, “What? Another Holy Grail fairy tale? Garbage!” But I am left facing a mounting pile of plastic ocean soup. The Great Turning of our hearts to Mother Earth is our only alternative. But it will take a miracle potion, a Great Soma, and this elixir of immortality is primarily this: creation has been given a way to eternal sustain herself. If we reacquaint ourselves with, or adopt, this life sustaining principle, then need we fear death?
Consider our artificial world’s economic model of exponential growth. This model rearranges more and more resources to consumers at an accelerated pace make the company bigger and richer in a world that is designed for equilibrium and balance. It reminds me of the effects of Round Up on plants. Round Up is not a poison that kills plants, it is a nutrient. The plant runs into problems when it absorbs too much nutrients. It literally grows up in an explosive curl and dies when Round Up is applied. This is what is happening to our civilization that focuses on exponential growth in the economy.
The answer rests in the Great Turning of our hearts to Mother Earth or as some say, “The Shift”.
I am tempted to apathy at the overwhelming effort it will take to move this mountain. Indeed, apathy is the only enemy. How do we move this mountain? We need a miracle potion and the potion must have the double effect of giving us courage against the apathy and strength to move the mountain. Fathers have strength and they like to be known for their courage. But no matter how strong and courageous we are, there are no men among us that has been able to move that mountain.
This is where adopting the Earth as our Mother comes in handy. A mother has her own strength and courage, but she has something else, wisdom. Yes, all the wise old sages tend to have beards. This is not the wisdom of a hermit. The wisdom of the Mother that will teach us to move this mountain is bonding wisdom.
My mother created a bond with me right from the start. Even as a 4 year old, she taught me how to weave. I was so proud of the hanging plant holder with all the beads that she taught me to make. But that was not the important thing. If it was, she would have taught me to mass produce them in a business model with an exponential growth rate. The important this was not the bond of literal weaving, but the bond of emotional and spiritual weaving she fashioned between her and I. In fact, my mother bound our family together into a circle that nothing can break. This glue bonded exponentially, because it was my mother that brought in all the strays of the neighbourhood and made everyone know they counted and belonged.
Here is the key. The feminine aspect of the Earth attracts us to the Earth like gravity into the circle of life. Every place in the natural world is easy on the eyes. There are hundreds of fruits, spices and herbs that make the taste buds water. The sounds of birds, wind and waves is soothing to the ears. Have you sat on a warm beach brushing your hand across the sand? And why does the Stargazer Lily’s scent melt the soul? Yes, the Earth is very attractive, in every way. But what happens when we all come together and begin to exploit these attractive gifts?
Here is the riddle, the most famous riddle in human history and never before have you heard it interpreted this way.
It is about a man named Oedipus who just unknowingly killed his father. This is the danger of straying from our true identity. But it gets worse. Oedipus wants a home. Since he does not know who he is he knocks on the door of the city of his own Mother. The problem is, there is a giant Sphinx at the gate that is throwing all the men off a cliff who want to enter, unless they can solve a riddle. Oedipus is very smart and answers the riddle and gets to enter the city. Smart he is, but unwise, for he marries and has children with his own mother. There is no man who has lived under a greater curse.
But wait. What was the riddle again? “What is four legged, then two legged, then three legged?” Oedipus answers correctly by saying, “The human who at infancy crawls on all fours, in middle years walks on two feet and at aging years uses a cane with two legs making the final three legs.” But is Oedipus correct if the prize to this riddle is actually a curse? He gets to enter the city after a smart answer, but his motives are to gain the place without even knowing who owns it. He is there to exploit it. And his folly costs him his reputation forever.
The answer to the riddle, the most famous riddle of all of human history, is not for smart people to answer. That would make it too easy. Those of us, like myself, raised in a civilization of exploitation, would never be able to come up with a better answer than Oedipus. And knowing the reward of Oedipus for his answer, we would be better off thrown over the cliff into the sea with a milestone around our neck.
The answer to the riddle… are you ready?… it is easy if you have heard the storyteller in indigenous circle the world over since time immemorial… The four legged are the animals, many of which are standing before the Creator calling us into account for exploiting them into extinction. We, the two legged, come after the four legged. We begin our lives honouring the four legged because they are the most vulnerable. They have no hands to carry weapons to fight. The four legged are so gentle that even when they paw the ground to warn us there furrow will only expose a spring for us to drink.
Those who adopt the Earth as Mother will be taught by her to honour the four legged, the winged ones and those with fins as brothers and sister. We would treat them they way we want to be treated, as if we were the four legged ourselves. Then we become true human beings, the two legged.
But who are the three legged in ancient myth? You will find three legged crows curiously flying in the pictures adorning Chinese restaurants. Why? The Chinese have a myth about the Earth as a desert because the 10 Suns were too hot for anything to grow. Along came the Archer who shot down 9 Suns. The remaining Sun provided sustainable warmth for plant growth to abound. It was the Suns who were symbolized by three-legged crows. Why? The three-legged means the enlightened one, because it takes three legs to walk in wisdom at the cross-roads of the three paths of life. These three paths include, birth, life and death.
Oedipus answered for a curse, because his mission was to take the land that ironical was already his by birth-rite. To answer this riddle for a blessing will open the door of our hearts to adopt the Earth as our Mother, instead of exploiting her.
The true and rewarding answer to the riddle of the Sphinx is this: When the four legged animals are honoured by the two legged they in turn are rewarded with the enlightenment of the three legged.
Adopting the Earth as Mother involves a reward of enlightenment that bonds us to all creatures. We begin to listen to their voice and learn of the wisdom of the Creator through them. My six year old daughter knew enough to tell me that when the bird chirped in our yard, it was thanking us for setting out a bird feeder five minutes before.
The bird was not saying to his fellow birds, “Hey! As soon as these humans go in the house, lets exploit the food they put to their loss under that tree!” Not at all. The bird was saying, “Hey family! These humans are leaving some food out for us. Call your friends and let them know we have a home and safe haven in their backyard. Since those who leave us a meal are not soon after going to harm us.”
To adopt the Earth as our Mother then means to consider the sparrows and how their intentions and their gentleness draw us to their circle of life.

Adopting the Earth as our Mother


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Adopting the Earth as our Mother may be a concept that is new to us. However, if we learn the language of the four-legged, those with wings and fins, adopting the Earth as our Mother makes perfect sense. Also, the ancient story-tellers left messages in the meanings of the Constellations and other places in nature that together with creation can teach us how to participate in the Great Turning of our Hearts to Mother Earth.

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