Three Ladies, One A Psychic.

Susan Vespucci was happy to hear what her dad told her about wanting to dress like a girl since his childhood. When she was seven in a dream she saw the back of someone walking away, but told it to no one. A few months later her mother Maggie got the devastating news from the Pentagon that her husband Tim on Marine duty in Afghanistan has been killed by terrorists and drowned.Tim felt like he was a woman trapped in a man’s body but was too chicken to reveal who he really was to Maggie and Susan. With the help of his British friend who was on the final days of his military duty in the same area, Tim faked his death and disappearance, flew to London and waited for the same British soldier who became his lover, and later lived as Vicky with him.Maggie never remarried. Susan always nurtured a lingering suspicion - and a hope - that her dad may still be alive. Her psychic ability helped catch a serial killer in the community and she felt her dream must be true too - if someone walked away, the same person can walk back. She saw no death in her dream.Two things compelled Tim to return to his hometown in Humboldt, Tennessee, fifteen years later. Tim’s lover died. And he heard that Maggie and Susan were financially well off now by selling an antique of extremely high value of interest that was passed down from the Vespucci generations, dating all the way back to Amerigo Vespucci after whose name America came to be identified. The reunion with his family at first was awkward but they learned to deal and be OK with it. Forgiveness was asked and given. Besides, the sold antique came from Tim’s heritage and they felt it was only fair to share the good fortune together.America was still sprinkled with homophobic individuals and communities. Plenty debates and confusion over gay and transgender issues was going on, often becoming political tools for some. Except for the large cities where one can live in relative anonymity, ‘coming out’ in towns and small communities carried risk of ridicule, isolation, even physical harm.What should have been two ladies and a man in the Vespucci house, now three ladies (one a psychic) lived in the same home as family. Though not religious they all had been to Sunday schools in their younger years. On the radio a discussion over whether Elvis went to heaven or not was going on. Some said yes and some said no.Susan and Maggie had no strong opinion on the matter. God is not as rigid and heartless as some people of faith tend to believe, Vicky reasoned. “If God can forgive Samson and consider him a person of faith, why not Elvis?” He backed this up with a biblical reference: Hebrews 11:32.Vicky’s conviction was that God loves the gays and lesbians and the bisexuals just as He loves the heterosexuals. Forgiveness should be extended to all. It is not so much one’s sexual orientation that God is hung up with, but the heart of the individual who has learned to accept and give love in a faithful manner that pleases God. God’s love transcends human sexualityVicky felt sad that some judgmental people cannot seem to grasp the generous heart of God over this issue. Meanwhile, he was thankful that his daughter and wife accepted him in his new identity as Vicky. They became best friends and loved eating out together and going to the movies, but nothing can top shopping in the specialty stores for women.Three beautiful ladies!

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