as the end of the year approaches

well almost another year done, as yopu know we achieved all we set out to do so it’s been a good year but with a steep learning curve, our little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Thomas slowed us down more than we thought he would but you know what wouldn’t change him for the world, 9 months old to the day so looking forward to his 1st xmas with us gonna have lots of boxes for him to rip open on the big day, we are taking time oput from the Boot sales for the next 2 months as we do every year to come back bigger & better than we have been in 2008, all the best for xmas & the new year see you then

Paul,Sue,Thomas & tiggydog

global domination part 2

Yep within the parimiters of our uest, you know just like Monty python & the uest for the holy grail, sorry we don’t have sharp pointy teeth, mind you we don’t have dragons either anyhoo with the credit crunch & all that we have just secured another outlet for our wares name withheld for security reasons ie: we dont want them being swamped with punters wanting thier imageworld print, so we keep on trying & pushing to make a secure future for Thomas bless him 8 months old now & growing like billy o 21lbs & 6ozs & 2 & a half feet tall

Keep on bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & tiggydog

Here comes the world

O.K. we really excited over here, we been approached by Firework magazine in the states want to use our picture Fireworks at Bude lifeboat day for thier magazine, a first for us, so we being of modest nature & not wishing to blow our own trumpet we thought we would! still carrying on bubbling moving our studio to the big shed in the garden, moving into the world of Portrait Photography a big move but one we are ready for

Keep on bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggydog

Mad Cornish Pair Back to their roots

HeGuy’s & gals, we did it we went back to where we started on our journey towards our own gallery we will get ther promise, we did a car boot sale against all the odds with the weather we are talking gale force winds & the threat of rain but we braved the elements & we sold big style for a boot sale 3 pictures & 2 cards so we were chuffed good to see burger man hasn’t blown up well yet anyway, we just updating our bubblesite tonight so stay tuned for more of that, we are planning our exhibition for next year hoping we can excel there, we did well but want to keep on building our progress, thank you for all you bubblers have done for us in encouraging us with your comments & sales that you have graced us with

Happy bubbling

Madhumbled Cornish Pair

Hey we humbled, many,many,many thanks to redbubble for producing one of the greatest sites around including the bubblesite, this is truly awesome, so once again thank you redbubble,

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggydog

mad cornish pair did it

yep me & Sue here to rabbit on about what we been up to this year but we have finally come to the list of achievements we had set ourselves for our second year in this business, as you know it wasn’t all sell sell sell!, Thomas was born,we got married,we staged 2 exhibitions & a major Arts & Crafts fair, Boscastle was a buzz no really, take the factor of selling out of the equation, though we did manage healthy sales & may I add sold to a celebrity, well sort of, we sold a print to Rick Steins chef, yep we did he was demonstratring cheffing to the public sold him a picture, wow I hear you cry, meeting lots of people all day for two day’s mixing with the other photographers there all trying to sell our wares from the same end of the marquee, don’t mind healthy competition as you know not e…

here go the Mad Cornish Pair

Yep we finally done it got to our last big event of the year we had planned been so busy you would never believe, Birth Of Thomas,2 exhibitions,wedding & now our big finale for this part of the year Boscastle Arts & Craft Fair, going with lots of new stuff & a BIG desire to break free from the day job wish us luck

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Awarded

Awarded what I hear you ask?, been on duty for the reserves today, weekend activites for the Air Training Corps, entered our picture in line astern into a competition, No we didn’t win gives us some credit, came second though, although in my opinion the picture that won wasn’t as good as the one I had put in, they say you are not anything till you have won a competition so there you have it, so we still havn’t won that elusive prize yet but you know what we moved a step closer today

Mad Cornish Pair become 1

yep we finally did the deed we got married last friday, yes to each other, had a great day, pictures will be released by us tommorrow, not for sale just to share with our friends then they will be deleted after 2 weeks, have to thank my dad for the photos hard to capture yourself on film, anyway then it’s back to driving imageworld forward to global domination, had a real busy year but we achieved most things we set out to do, 2 Exhibitions,Thomas arriving getting married & on top of all that we are not finshed yet, took a break from the boot sales today honeymoon you know but we have looming big in the window Boscastle craft fair for a weekend then the push for more sales & Christmas so we happy that we achieved what we have done this year so far, remember exclusive pictures here on our …

Mad Cornish Pair still here

Yep before you can say does my bum look big in this we are back writing journals again, been a while been doing stuff well you know how it goes, just a week to go befor Sue & I get married (yes to each other) & only a monthbefore Boscastle arts & Crafts fair which we are attending, still in love with the bubble though we have been a bit silent we are always looking, concentrating on sales & taking pictures as well as looking after our little man, who I must say is growing every day & seems to have taken to being bundled into the car to nip out for Photo shoots etc, ne hoo just a quicky before I load another panorama, take care all of you & tahnks to those wqho still repy to our work wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Trim crazy

Hello, thought you had lost us, no we still here, still bubbling away spreading the word of bubble & imageworld, came back from the boot sales today having done well there & spread the word, just finshed decorating & we are out taking pictures again which after all is why we are here, hoping to get down to Culdrose this wednesday to take some piocs hopefully will be a good day, then we get ready to marry on September the 12th, big day coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Thomas still growing & breaking the records now up to 17lb & 4 0z’s not bad for 19 weeks old some more pictures coming up of him, the point of this journal way lost now, ahh that where we were going trim our porfolio, from now on we are going to use it as a showcase for pictures that are only for sale will still upload pictures that …

Mad Cornish Pair Still Here

Heloooooo! yep- we still here, thought we had gone away, no you are not that safe, but we been busy not had alot of time for all things bubble, but we here now just finished putting together our first real order that’s a buzz but taken us the best part of a week especially with a young one going crazy all over the place, just been out & bought ourselves a laptop should make selling pictures easier to the punters, we been planning our own website should be good & we still trying to get out & take pictures so we taking a 2 week break from the bubble! we will be back but we need to get out & take pictures

Happy Bubbling see you in a while

Paul,Sue, Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair in in a daze

you may well ask what has finally stumped us! the amazing way ni which things have speede up down here, just in the process of finalizing a deal to supply exclusivelly to a gallery prints for sale, just started our second exhibition at the delamore gallery at cornwood in devon, and today sold 500.00 pounds worth of photo’s, above all the selling part is good but the main drive is? having your work liked by the general public

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

we made front page! oi oi

we made the front page with in line astern all sounds like really excited know this is not the first time but first time with the new format, & really chuffed we were especially with the choice one of my favourite pictures hada great deal of fun taking those shots we got from culdrose looking forward to yeovilton this year with some warbirds making an apperance should come back with some stonking shots anyway thomas growing & developing me getting grey hairs by the abundance & poor old sue gone into zombie mode roll on solids

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

we been poorly

O.K. we had a virus attack, no not us our computer, but we back now & using the web, spent several day’s tryingto overcome the darn thing & we were rescued by AVG, many thanks to Sue’s dad for sharing the information, anyway off out taking Photo’s tommorrow with Sue’s mum & Dad so a mini collaberation going on there,

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Finish!!!!!!!!!

No don’t Panic, it’s not a case of Divorce before we married!, no we finished our Exhibition today, many thanks to those from the bubble community that came & saw! & a big thanks to pete who helped us hang the panoramas, well all done & dusted we managed to sell 4 pieces of art work, Storm at St. Agnes-Mists of Time-Waiting for the Tide & Black Rock at Sunset!, also been out booting today! day job beckons tommorrow though by this time next year we will be millionares! as qouted by the famous Del Boy Trotter, we will I am sure, where do we go from here, we have another Exhibitionstarting in june at the Dellamore Art Gallery in Cornwood Ivybridge & our showcase which happens no May the 30th all this & bringing a son up how brave are we! a big hi to john saw him today havn’t seen in a while …

mad monday for Cornish pair

yep we had one of those, bank holiday day off from the day job, thomas wakes us at 7! bless!, Sue say’s bank holiday! boot sale! I say ughh, anyway after a manic 25 minutes I find myself proppin up the stall with my eye lids thinking this isn’t bed! to a b e a utifulday, upshot is we sold 4 pictures at the boot sale today! off to check the gallery, sue looking for red dots on the numbers looking to see if we sold! no we havn’t sold, I say what about the picture that’s missing do you think we might of sold that one! might Sue said, sold a canvas of waiting for the Tide, 16 × 24 so we had a good day also been asked if we want to attend Bude Market every monday! wonder what I am gonna tell the Boss

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair get invited

whoopee,wow & words like that, our first exhibition is still going on & we allready been invited by a Gallery to exhibit some of our seascapes in an exhibition they are running for a month in June, me & Sue still on a high about it, Thomas taking it in his stride, as he does, but it looks like he excited about the prospect of it! who can tell, so we are off down there next week to discuss pictures & other things give us a real buzz to be included like this without begging for a chance to exhibit, so if you are interested it is at the Dellamore Art gallery at Corrnwood near ivybridge

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Do It

Do what I hear you ask, well we actually sold 2 pictures from our Exhibition, both pictures are here on redbubble, Mists of Time & Storm at St. Agnes, someone from lancashire down here on holiday bought them, first thing this morning we gets a phone call from the curator could we have 2 more pictures please! yipes didn’t think about replacing them so a mad dash & 4 hours later we re hung the 2 that had been sold, cool eh! hoping this gonna be our year, all things cool here we still settling little man down & making plans to increase our equipment by purchasing a new lens & a studio lighting kit so making plans like crazy as far as little man will let us for the moment

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Have to Rethink

O.K. so settling down into fatherhood & making the most of my time off with little one & Sue, we are planning our shoots & aiming to increase our portfolio of shots this year, so going out on a photo shoot with little one easy or what I mean what possible difference could a young person make to going out & taking photo’s! well we found out! yep you guessed it! lots of difference, first of al there is the nappy issue, how many do you take! yep just about a bagful gonna have to get shares in pampers! then there is the bag of babygrows & hats & mittens & cardi’s, then you have to support this with a travel system, that’s a buggy,car seat,rain cape,sun umbrella or parasol, cosytoes etc! o.k. you packed all that what else do you need, Camera that would be a good idea, & tripod, yep that all pa…

Mad Cornish Pair Booting Again

Yep you guessed it it’s that time of year again! we are officially a year & 1 month old as a concept! we hadn’t even joined redbubble this time last year, that came in June last year, we as a whole are soldering on with imageworld, we started our first exhibition on Friday & we started on the boot sale circuit again this Sunday, sold 6 pictures even though the heavens opened on our stall halfway through the day, but we stayed & sold, the big shock of the day was that Burgerman is still around! yep you got it right still trying to burn his van down & supplying us with bacon rolls that are to big to do anything usefulf with but i guess some things never change!

Mad Cornish Pair put on hold

o.k. so why we been put on hold? due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone our first exhibition by 4 Days, not to bad but the last minute rush to make sure the work was all completed on time was a killer especially with a new born Baby, talking of which brings a lot of responsibility but alot of hapiness with Him also, wouldn’t give him up for the world, anyway the work we have completed for the exhibition is stunning to say the least, though we are slightly biased but if you in the area of the Southwest of england in the next month do give it a look, other things going on me & Sue have taken to sleeping in shift’s not that bad he is giving us 4 hours a time but you always need a top up on sleep, especially my angel Sue! bless anyway got to go now & do things or stuff might …

O.K. So did you miss us

We been missing, computer went Bang in a Big way & only just got it back today, also been busy with our little treasure Thomas Cameron, who was born on easter day at 08.31, got some more snaps of him coming up shortly, Exhibition starts next week on Tuesday so we have been finalising the artwork for that as well, missed the interaction that is bubble hope you all missed us out there, I have a month of with Sue & Thomas so we will be out with lots of photos

Glad to be back

Happy bubbling

Mad Cornish Pair Braced

Yep you got it! round 2 of the storm week is fast approaching us from the atlantic, so we in for another pounding tommorrow, & we prepared for it, the good news is we have sunshine to go along with it, also we in Bude have no Lock Gate, so intense was the gale that hit us last night that it buckled the outer Lock gate on the Canal & the canal promptly emptied, we sent our roving reporter out to the scene & he took a photo, we gonna be out as well tommorrow taking pictures so stay tuned, probaly the first time we gonna see the sea heading inland at a rate of knots, so hoping we gonna get that shot that will make us the millions,

Paul,Sue Bump & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Gonna Need a New Studio

O.K. with the iminent arrival of our newborn just 1 week & 6 days away we gonna need a new studio! or are we gonna need a new nursery, the point is at the moment I am gonna need some valium! no only joking we gonna be fine, with the studio filling up with exhibition pictures & frames ordered we are nearly there, not telling you what the pictures are you will have to visit & find out, but it’s all in place, so we dont’ have to worry there! just like to atke the opportunity to thank all you bubblers for your support & comments on our piccies & journal’s, we got a storm coming so we hoping to get some pictures in the next 2 days to thrill you

Paul,Sue,Bump & Tiggs

ramblings of the Mad Cornish pair

spring has sprung, & yes you guessed it?!!!!!!!!!!! we been out on the boot sale market selling our prints, & buying lots of stuff to boot! get it? no mobile gallery yet that comes later on in the year when we start hitting the grass sites got big plans for this option & are currently remoddeling the display potential to maximise the options, had a good day sold prints selling of last years stock cheaper than the range of new prints coming out this year! hoping that run to the sun will be exactley that & not the damp squib it turned into last year hoping for lots of things but a good summer would do us proud over here, 1 problem we are going to encounter if the weather is hot is the condensation that builds up inside the plastic bags we put our prints into but I am sure we will get there,…

ramblings of the mad cornish pair,

we back just when you thought it was safe to turn on your computer again, nope we back coming at you with our views on life down here in deepest darkest cornwall, we having some glorious weather just right to capture a shot for sunrise & sunset competiton, should be a stunner, & before you ask Sue still carrying our bambino less than 5 weeks to go until your subjected to baby photo’s, makes a change from seascapes I hear you say, we deep in decorating at the moment though the paint seems to be coming off as soon as we put it on, does any one know the logistics off painting emulsion on to a shiny red paintwork, bubblemail us if so if not worry for us cause the emulsion falling off big style, love the changes to the bubble machine & the way it’s going keep up the good work…

Happy bubbling


mad cornish pair get painted

Hey!!!!!!!!! we been painted! yep painted, if you go to terry john’s portfolio you will see one of our paintings, we impressed by his interpretation of our work & honoured that we had been his inspiration, we been painted before that by some one else but we can’t remember whom! anyway let’s hope we get famous soon so we can enjoy our notoriety, we just looked that up oops, we meant infamy, you know infamy infamy they all got it infamy, well we tried to make you laugh, been having a spell of good weather here these last two day so we been out shooting & going out tommorrow as well made Sue walk up to the top of the headland at Boscastle will let you know how she is when she gets back,

Happy Bubbling

Paul,SueBump & tiggs

ramblings of the mad cornish pair

O.K. here we are again me sat here in our studio rambling away to you & you are probaly on the beach! hey our summer coming, hope we get one this year, hoping to do run to the sun this year & get some good pictures, things getting busy here, exhibition one planned & 6 pictures away from being complete we been asked back next year & we been asked to put some pictures in to a seascape exhibition so we over the cow about that one!! or is it the cow jumped over the moon!!!!!!!! OH well you know what I mean, portraits we venturing out in to the world of portraits got 2 booked so I am furiously practicing portraits like you would’nt know & gettint better the only trouble is geting family to pose for me but I gonna blackmail them, anyone want to hear some gossip, only joking going into baby phot…

Exhibition Ramblings of the mad cornish pair

Hey, we on our way in to the big time we think, sorted out the black & white wall for our show, having 1 of our photo’s transfeered to canvas a a trip tech, should be awesome, then two Black & white works to go along side & a black & white to go on the wall next to our feature of black & white work, the rest is going to be in colour, the exhibition has visions of North Cornwall as it’s theme, you have to have a theme, aparently, I said awesome works but Sue hasn’t stopped laughing yet, come up with a new pricing structure that makes our work more affordable & we also reworking the display potential of our Mobile gallery, we enjoying a rest in the weather, & Sue resting lot’s so we having fun,

Keep on bubbling

Paul,SueBump & Tiggs

Ramblings of the Mad Cornish Pair

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 12k views, a big thank you to all those who have viewed our work & favourited & everything, we are glad you like what we post & it gives a big buzz to read all your comments on our work, big thank you to those who have purchasedour work & we hope you enjoy looing at our images of our world,

Paul,Sue,Bump & Tiggs

Ramblings of the Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. so here we are pondering through our portfolio looking for some inspiration for our exhibition, looking through our Discs of pictures, finding shot’s that for some reason or another we missed 1st time around, we off to deep darkest Cornwall hoping to capture that awesome tin mine picture, know where we going just need to get our car back now, yes you need a car to get around here in these parts, had a minor indescretion with a concrete bollard, we all o.k. but car a little bent! anyway diversifying a little, missed the latest addition to our portfolio 1st time around, not exhibition standard but wanted to share with you bubblers, thing’s in the pipeline we are reworking the mobile art gallery, pushing big time this year & coming up to imageworlds 1st Birthday, so we are happy with …

Ramblings of the Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. so we take a bit of time to learn things here in Cornwall, you guy’s have been doing it for some time!, you may well ask what, & being so slow here in darkest Cornwall, you may have to wait for a reply, ummmmmmm! I know displaying our artwork in our Public Profile & by gadzook’s we have discovered the magic formula! check out our public profile now & tell me you are not impressed! we were! we please easily over here, things in pipeline you could call it our pipeline report, exhibition still coming on we have taken some pic’s & we now have 7 pictures we will be displaying at the heritage centre, including 3 panaromas so all we have to do now is work onm our public profile for the Press! we also been approached by the Boscastle tourist board & asked if we want to exhibit @ some craft f…

Ramblings of the mad Cornish Pair

O.K. rambling away & I don’t mean putting on the shorts & the weird hat & setting off into the hill’s, not that there anything wrong with that at all but we on holiday next week & promise we off taking photographs for our exhibition, getting very excited about it now, so we will share with you our friends the bubblers our antics when we have the goods as they say! sue off on maternity leave from work soon so we can forge ahead with our plans until the little one comes along over the easter weekend ish! had some good comments on our first exhibition picture which can be viewed in our portfolio here on bubble, many thanks to Gordon for his help with the question we posed to him & he came up trump’s anyway off to the hill’s now or is that bed…

Night Night Bubblers see you soon

Paul,Sue & Bump

Mad Cornish Pair Have eventful year ahead

O.K. here goe’s 2008 is here & may we wish you a happy & prosperous one!, we gonna be a tad busy but we can handle that, we got a baby,our first exhibition,our first showcase & all that on top of a full time day job, but we are gonna soldier on, we both have goal’s for the year, plus we getting married on September 6th, been out taking photo’s today some of which we have posted allready some we gotta go back & take some more again but we have the seed there! our first exhibition photo is the waiting for a wave, but will be taking again when we have blue sky! a must for photo’s, went to R.A.F. davidstow moor while we were down that way came back with one picture of the control tower but no where near good enough that gonna be a struggle to capture just right, but the place steeped with his…

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