Mad Cornish Pair need your advice

O.K. our first venture into Portrait work, let us know your honest opinion, is it good enough & how can we make it better, bearing in mind we didn’t have the right lighting, model’s are my nephew & his girlfriend, sort of a xmas present, so they happy with the outcome, anyway please let us know your opinion would be gratefully recieved

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Decorated

Hah! that got your atention didn’t it?, just before you rush out & check the papers out to find out if we won the nobel prize for quantum physics we havn’t, well not that I know of anyway!, we decorated! our house, well the hall & upstairs anyway, reason we been quiet lately, Pacific breeze is the colour! well white with a dabble of Green, but it has given the old homestead a splash of fresh air, better than the orange we had before, now all we got to work out is the art solution? probaly the hardest part of decorating, but we got the answer to that Redbubble?, interesting to note that this paint has luminous technology! wow! so that means that we gona have Aircraft landing on us or something worse, hopefully have a few pictures to throw your’e way tommorrow night as we off out with the c…

Mad Cornish Pair Blown Away

Well we gonna be if we step outside the door tommorrow, baton down the hatches & other maritime sayings come to hand but none are of any use, if you havn’t heard of us in a while we are decorating, pacific breeze is the colour, any way down to the nitty gritty of the journal, Stratton United’s team photo, yes we are the luky soul’s who stood out in the cold & rain to take the team photo, hoping to sell a few to the team & fan’s (Yes they do have fan’s) can’t show you the photo though private you know!, sue getting bigger by the day & we heard the baby’s heart beat on tuesday, & the baby is moving lot’s especially when prodded with the ultrasound device, just found out I have a placement for a week with the R.A.F. at the International Air Tatto next year so there will be lot’s of airshow p…

mad cornish pair release Calendar

Hey bubblers, we have just finished our 1st calendar, visions of Cornwall any one interested contact us on our bubble page, filled with stonking shot’s of Cornwall to keep you happy all year round, paste it to your window & hey you could even be there,

Paul Sue & tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Commisioned

Hey Bubblers, yes it’s us DID you miss us! if not why not!, have you asked yourself the question? Quantum Physics, get’s you every time, we were hoping to post a few pictures tonight but the weather told on us again, seem’s like we having the Atlantic being dumped on us again, no honest we had enough in the summer! anyway the reason for the journal, we just completed our first commision picture today, all printed signed & sealed waiting for the proud Owner to pick it up tommorrow, who just happens to be our first customer ever, liked her picture so much she commisioned one! but like the comments we get on bubble alway’s nice to be getting positive feedback on our work, still planning for next year lot’s of good things in the pipeline bubble you soon

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair deep in planing

hello! what do you mean who! it’s us, we still around working harder than ever, just started planning for our showcase & exhibition that are taking place next year, also busy getting ready for christmas you know how it is, great news with the calendar’s allready built one, if that the right teminology, called it visions of Cornwall, miss it at your peril, out taking photo’s & boot Sale on sunday, hoping we gonna make a buck or two what with the c word coming up, our new years resolution is to make the break from the day job next year, so we ARE going to achieve that, but not forgetting that taking photo’s is what we enjoy, been experimenting with still life & we have a new series, the Elliot series, the roses picture was a result of me asking Sue to marry me, no not still wating for an an…

Mad Cornish Pair Reflect

O.K. nope that’s how we start all our journal’s, how about hi there, or well given up with that idea, time for reflection today, Remeberance Day parade today, so had to don my number 1’s & stand around in the cold for 1 hour itching my gonad’s off while sue get’s the good job off taking the photo’s, lot’s of pictures of me! it’s a Sue thing!, whilst stood around thinking it doe’s make you think about how other people gave up the lot for us! so that we can live how we want to & express ourselves in whichever way we desire to! wether it be through taking pictures,writing,painting or poem’s, we can, I have lost 2 friends in the military, & altough they were not killed in action they were killed in flying accidents whilst training so I have those I remember, so it’s wortwhile me putting mysel…

Mad Cornish Pair in shock

O.K. we been out shooting again you can view a couple of works from our shoot in our portfolio, all about St. Nectan’s Church, it has the 2nd highest tower in the U.K. at 39m high built in 4 stages, St. Nectan who it was named after was one of many celtic hermit’s & missionaries associated with early christian sites in South West Britain in the fifth & sixth Centuries, anyway as I said a little more to come, we out shooting next week as well, so stay tuned for that as well, why we in shock? our little us has my nose, poor sod, had our second scan today, he or she weighs 15 ounces & is 15cm long, & most importantley is healthy as possibly can be seen

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue & tiggs

Exhibition Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. 2 events for your diary next year, & wwe need some help?, first event is our first ever exhibition, the old Castle in Bude has just been turned into a heritage center, we are exhibiting on April 6th next year, we need a name for this one? our showcase goes live next may 30th in the Parkhouse centre, we got a name for that 1 we need help from all you Bubblers with a name for the first 1, has to have the name imageworld incorporated itno the title, gonna have lot’s of fun coming up with the photo’s for both exhibitions to be sure the first event has to be a theme, the second just a showcase of the sort of art we can provide, sure you Bubblers can help us!

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair First Sale

Well, the day finally came! yep we opened up our overview & their it was? a bubblemail from the proud owner, will be keeping his name secret so he dosn’t get beseiged by thousands of imageworld followers,

I said to Sue the day would finally come & it did, feel I should make an Oscar Award type speech but no just gonna say thank you to bubble for providing a first class site, one with all the feedback that we need, all the friends we need & support,

it drives us on to take even better photo’s & hopefully our dream is all that bit closer now, thank you once again to the proud owner & please treasure our picture because we do

Paul,Sue & tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair 21 weeks to go

Yep! that’s right, 21 weeks to go to new arrival, Sue keep’s asking me does her bum look big in this? what could I say……………………………………

lot’s of stuff going on here, autumn has arrived with gusto, but I promise no more storm series a!, we come up with a new project & will be taking the first shot’s on Wednesday next week, we launching the countdown for imageworld showcase, that is planned for may next year & we mighty excited about it as well!,

Bude has just opened a new heritage Centre & we got an appointment to see one of the Guy’s down there to hopefully display some of our work!, see, told you it was exciting, Craft Fair next week just putting the fine touches to the display for that event, want it to look right as you do!

has anybody got any idea’s for stuff to include in our showcase ou

Mad Cornish Pair get excited

o.k. you may well ask what has us so excited that we have to write a journal about it? well it isn’t the fact that we downloaded norton antivirus software & now find that we have to start our computer 25 mins before we need to use it! any one else find that? nothing to do with that, it’s the fact the Vulcan has taken to the skies again, watch out for photo’s of that beast next year, awesome craft, also the fact that we are selling from galleries now helps us finding the right way forward & to be fair it ain’t boot sales though we shall keep doing them, me & Sue actually enjoy going out & meeting people in that envoirement, so this winters tasks are! building our own website, plan an exhibition of our work for next year ne ideas you may have will be well recieved & paid attention to, half …

mad cornish pair in the dark

O.K. all you bubblers firstly me been off sick from the day job, been layed low with the flu, been reading when I can on photography & spending time on thinking how to take our dreams a step closer to reality, alway’s a hard one that, especially seing as the nights are pulling in fast now, answer? take a big light with us!, now that would work? how much candle power does the sun produce? answers in the forums please, or you can bubblemail me! sue getting bigger by the day, we heard the babies heart beat last tuesday, reality check for a second (Scary) hopefully be a good dad but it does make you think, photo shoot’s planned soon are a series on Castles, & me gonna look at portrait work soon in about 23 weeks you should see lots of baby photos appearing, Ahh, anyway feeling drained again o…

Mad Cornish Pair Ramblings continue

hey bubblers out there in bubbleland, ok here goes umm, know what I was going to mention Bot Sales in Siberia! probaly alot warmer than boot sales here in good old blighty, sat on a cricket pitch freezing my ******* off Sue home warm in bed, well bless her couldn’t send her out in her condition that early in the morning, anyway where was I ? pretty cold, sat on a cricket pitch in the name of selling our Art, trying to remind myself that our art is good, sold two prints in the end in 2 hours so that not a bad return for 2 hours work & with the sleepy sue in tow went off to the other boot sale (yes mad enough to do 2), what I am trying to say is we have started planning for next year, want to get our website up & running during the winter, don’t worry all you bubblers will have a link to ou…

Mad Cornish Pair the Adventure continuth

hey Bubblers, it’sssssssssssssssss us! bet you missed us, nehoo back from today’s boot sale, any body know where we can pick up a few more car boot’s to sell!, only joking, looks like the outdoor booty is drawing to an end over here for another year, time to bring on the indoor booty!, maybe we should consider upgrading to Craft Fair’s? talking of which, we were invited to attend one in November, cool eh!, so we gonna raise the ante on them as well, doing loads of pictures for the papers, one of the boot sales we attend does them just for charity, he up to 8,000 this year so well done Chris, sure he won’t mind a mention, been asked to equip a new venture in Bude with a complete art package for their walls so we getting excited about the way things are going over here! more new pictures …

Mad Cornish Pair reflect

hey bubblers, well after yesterday’s business it was back to the drawing board today, sussing out what in the way of new ranges we gonna come out with for next year, some of the plans include developing new size prints so that we can offer a slightly different tack to the normal 10 × 12 picture, pushing the panoramic shots we atre coming up with!, visiting lot’s more airshows next year developing the aviation theme to our pictures, to include special prints ie: limited edition prints & the quest goes on, lot’s of exciting things in the pipeline for next year as well as a castle series, & of course baby photo’s & we want to push forward with portraits for next year aas well ne hoo happy snapping

Famous Mad Cornish Pair

OK so your asking yourselves havn’t heard of them so how can they be Famous allready? well we not yet, but it caught your attention didn’t it!, & no Sue hasn’t been out robbing banks to support the business, & we havn’t yet been linked to the Lord Lucan Scandal & we didn’t sink the Titanic! we have however made it in to 2 gallery’s today, impressive eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yes we are hoping someone will buy one from them soon, sure they will, anyway we reckon we on the first step of the ladder to becoming famous!!!!!!, but like most famous artists we hope it’s before we die.
been doing some research on mounting board & we need to know is all mounting board acid free? or do you have to ask for it specifically? many thanks to one of the Gallerys who gave us some good ideas on different size op…

Mad Cornish Pair On Holiday

hey bubblers, some time since me wrote a journal, on holiday this week, so me got time, did you miss us while we were away? things that been happening, apart from being featured in the North Devon Journal, being accepted at the Brasserie which get thier first 6 pictures tommorrow exciting to see how quickly they will sell? & also seeing another gallery tommorrow we been busy, you know how it is, the mobile art gallery has been mothballed for the winter months, don’t want to invent gazebo surfing as the next etreme sport, wouldn’t do Sue’s nerves any good at the moment, planning a photo shoot somtime this week so stay tuned for some more shot’s coming your way, been a while since we uploaded our work, so just letting you know we still here over in Cornwall & tying down the hatches for the …

Mad Cornish Pair Accepted

Hey bubblers, did you miss our journal’s, been busy on organising our winter schedule, first & foremost sue seem’s to be your favourite as far as the self portrait challange goes, her viewings way far ahead than mine, me a little upset, but will get over it I guess, the BIG news is we finally got the green light to exhibit in the local Brasserie, posh licensed restuarant, so we have had 6 of our pictures accepted out of the ten we gave them to look at so we are well chuffed here, our next target is the new gallery that has just opened in bude, just 1 other little thing telling you because you are our family, sue is expecting a little us, 13 weeks gone on Friday, so we well stoked about that as well, be able to take lot’s of baby photo’s when he or she pop’s out

Paul,Sue, & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair comment on Diversity

Hey Bubblers: I attended & joined a Camera Club tonight, & was amazed at the diversity of the people who attended: from all walks of life, the elderly & a lovely old Character whom is a youthful 94! 20 of us sat at a table talking photography, judged a competiton of Country Life, some awsome entries in amongst them all, was it withering moon wrote & asked should I take a photographic course, I think you should BUT! you could do worse than join your local camera club, full of friendly people whom are more than willing to impart thier knowledge to you, what I have had tonight is a fun cheap night! I shall be going again next month just to enjoy what knowledge I can gain from this community, next months topic is an introduction to photoshop can’t wait, defionition of A proffesional photograp…

Mad Cornish Pair on a high

What we do for Art! we get up early on our day’s off, we fret alot about how our work is percieved by the general public & all you bubblers as well! thanks for all your comments on our pictures, we did well at the boot sale today attracting lot’s of viewings & sales, it’s becoming clear that our new stock is out performing our old stock, though we did sell one of the old stock today!, results of the marketing test we carried out……………………….. we sell the same wtih or without the gazebo(Sorry Mobile Art Gallery) so it has to be said that the gazebo option is just a classier display! so anyway to windy to put up today, we would of invented a new extreme sport today if we had tried! gazebo flying, yes was really that bad over here today, got an excitng shooting day on Wednesday planned will let…

Mad Cornish Pair Sun Burnt

O.K. so what’s factor 13? if we find out can we tell Sue! also a hundred or more Holidaymakers whom we encountered today on our travels around the boot sales today & who will be suffering tommorow! had a good day on sales today & we ran a marketing experiment? did we sell more with the gazebo! (Sorry Mobile Art Gallery) or did we sell less? the Answer? we sold more or less the same, but the gazebo encounterd less people stopping to look! did this affect sale’s? spent a bit of time with iammeasiam going through his laptop setting him up on the bubble & he has some excellent photo’s you must view!, anyway we had a stonking day we still get the buzz from doing boot sales big time, also been asked to take a photo for the local paper for the boot sale man! yep! we going global, seem’s he run’s…

Mad Cornish pair blog on Church

The Church of St. Andrew in Stratton is situated just over a mile inland from the Town of Bude.…

Over the Centuries the Norman Church has enlarged considerably incorporating much history as it has grown over time.

The doomsday survey implies that there could of been a Church in Stratton before the Norman Conquest & extensive restoration in 1888 uncovered traces of what undoubtedly could of been it’s norman predecessor directly beneath.

The oldest feature to be seen is the granite font which is quite simplistic but dates back to the 12th Century & this is the time when the true history of St. Andrew starts to unfold.

for information on Stratton & it’s church go to www.

anyway that information was for craig shillington enough history, we posted some

Mad Cornish Pair Add New Line

well, we finally have completed the next new string to our bow, you may think we mad to have taken the time we have to complete this task but all the pieces had to be right, talking panoramic shots, had the first 1 printed today measures 6 inches deep by 2 foot long, looks stunning to say the least, the panoramic barrel rock is next for the treatment, got more new stuff in the pipeline so stay tuned, it might take a while what with juggling the day job & all that so please be patient! going to launch the new line at Sunday’s boot sale, we also had the small business man in to help us carve our way forward to running our own Gallery, no new pictures to share with you at the moment but they will follow soon just need some time to go out & shoot some more, was going this week but Sue not bee…

Mad Cornish Pair normal service

hey bubblers, we been having trouble with loading a panorama shot of Bude Breakwater, could only get it to load as a card, discovered the problem, had been saving photo’s wrong, normal service is however now resumed, just 1 thing anyone else out there gettin trouble with A fixed character problem on redbubble, it’s still working but differently was just wondering if anyone else got the same problem?

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish pair get organised

O.K. time for another blog, enjoy the word blog makes us sound trendy!, wow never been trendy, Sue say’s I have to speak for myself on that one, another sunday where we have been resigned to staying indoors looking out at the lovely Summer rain & gales, Sunny Bude, though we did get alot achieved in the way of mounting more photo’s little & large, & getting ready in our heads for the next big challenge of displaying in the Brasserie, we allready have a winter venue to sell our work & are going to be adding another one soon, talking of collaborations we should get a few going over here, so come on you English bubblers let’s get together soon? got some stunning countryside need’s shooting down here post your blogs now & let’s see you

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

mad cornish pair complete

Complete what i hear you ask, our first order, shot all taken, Customer well happy with photo,listed on our dartabank, printing today, mounting & framing tonight, delivering tommorow, we well happy, pictures being prepared for the brasserie they go in next week, we moving in the right direction, thanks to the inspiration gained from redbubblers we almost completed our first mosiac, thanks once again redbubble you have been great we shall still be using you big time, all we need now to complete the package is to start selling on the buble hopefully that won’t be to far away

Mad Cornish Pair update

well the story goes on another chapter, after the events of the weekend we have several job’s on the go! we have been offered the chance to take the official Stratton United Photo for the 2007 – 2008 Season, a different angle but a challenge all the same, though trying to grab the right weather slot for all these photos is the hard part this year, not saying it’s bad today but even the cat & dog don’t want to go out in this, don’t blame them, thanks to those who commented on our question the other day following the leads up as we speak, so thank you bubblers! got the day off tommorow so Sue & I off out taking pictures hopefully the surf will be big after the storm of today, so there might be the odd excitin gshot or two down on the beach,

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue & tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair Blown away

Yes it did happen, fortunatley not to me! setting our gallery up I turn around for a second & theres Sue messing around with our Gazebo, put it back I said No she was determined! said Norway was nice this time of year, seriously though could of been nasty anyway got it set up o.k. & started selling pictures! why is it we leave the Art buying to our Ladies, 95% of our customers are Ladies, Come us men let’s get out there & all buy a bit of Art this week, took an order to photograph this guy’s MGB roadster should be a good shoot, weather pending, got lot’s in the pipeline to be exploring just starting to get interesting over here

Goodnight Bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

mad cornish pair pose question

please please please, can anyone out there in redbubble land tell us over here in Cornwall what computer programme you use to turn lots of little pictures in top a mosaic? seen it done with A vw camper van & it looked awesome! I mean we can have a go & try to paste lots of little pictures in to a mosaic but it might take an eternity!, so is there a programme out there that does this chore for you, ne hoo off booting tommorow & another exciting prospect for us over here is we have been accepted in to a licensed restaurant come art gallery cool eh! just in the process of putting together a presentation pack for them, also working on a few new lines to present in to our mobile gallery, which is still going strong despite the efforts of the wind to blow it away anhoo got lots of exciting stuf…

mad cornish pair impressed.

Congratulations Redbubble!
mucho impresso!, & we over here in Cornwall thought it couldn’t get any better, the community page looks awesome & the information we get with our art now tells us everything we need to know about how our art is doing,
and now we write blogs…..brilliant!
Weve been busy on the art front, soon to be selling at a local licensced restaurant. Weve been mulling over whether to have a sale on our prints, you heard correct, a sale! despite our prints selling well we have some phoneminal new prints to introduce to our portpholio which are by far superior than most we have for sale at mo!
Watch out bubblers we have print of the century to download (well, Paul thinks so!)
It really is a one off shot, watch this space!?…

goodnight bubblers

Paul,Sue, & Tiggs

P.S. the halina ca

Mad Cornish Pair A year on

to our followers of which we know there are many!!!!!! we! or rather I, am 1 year older tommorow or rather today! depending on where you reding this from, look it’s the 8th o.k. enough of self praise, found myself looking back over the past year & wondering what Sue & I have achieved in the last 6 months, both keen photographers we decided in January to try & change our proffessions, so we ventured out there armed with a 10 year old Olympus Compact which was only packing 1.8 million pixels, a desire to produce top quality prints that were affordable to the general public, & the keyword had to be Quality, if it wasn’t for Sue, we wouldn’t have come up with the means to be able to cut or mounts, stick them down proffesionally, I mean can you believe we started by using pritt Stick!!!!!! onl…

Mad Cornish Pair Still Coming Down

Wow wow wow & wow just once more! hey we been out selling today, we also added to our Camera Collection, today we got an early Halina 35mm Camera for two pounds! Bargain or what, dosn’t work but it’s a part of History, sold lots & we have two potential Sales coming up on Redbubble, Lady wants a Canvas print done of reflections so we guided her towards redbubble, had lots of good feedback from the punters including A guy who can help us when we set up our own Gallery, so as always it’s about getting our name known hey we reckon Burger man even reading redbubble, Silver Service at a boot sale! I mean, even his burgers taste better, well done burger man, Sue came up with a novel idea of selling ice cold Cola on our stall, that being a result of not being able to get one anywhere! but back to…

Mad Cornish Pair In Awe!

O.K. What a day we had today, firstly to he who must not be named, a few Airshow pictures for you!………………………………………. only 749 left to sift through, yes we took that many photo’s today!, went to the R.N.A.S. Culdrose Airshow today, first day Sue & I have had together for a long time, well to do what we really enjoy & combine the love of photography with watching the Aircraft fly by! we still on a big buzz even though as we write our journal we have been up for some 16 hours, will be releasing the best of the photo’s as we go through them!, but if we get ten good photo’s then it will be well worthwhile going today, you can view our pictures in our portfolio

Goodnight bubblers we off to dream of the skie’s & Planes

Paul & Sue! didn’t take tiggs we good dog owners

What A Great Day Mad Cornish Pair

Hey bubblers what a great day we had today, well apart from being on the road at 06.30 this morning! commited or we should be, getting excellent vibes from people who actually stop at our mobile Art Gallery, we got it set up just right now! want to own your own gallery then get a gazebo! no honest it works Old School honest! sold 7 pictures in the space of just 4 Hours today, sold 5 10 × 12 piictures 1 of which was from our new stock, check out Storm Force Tide! in our portfolio that 1 flew outa the door 1st thing this morning to a couple on honeymoon ahh! then sale after sale, just enough to send us to Culdrose Air Day on Wednesday be loads of pictures coming from there, sold a train picture, also able to view in our gallery, so all in all a Succesful day, also been invited to join a Cam…

Thanks from Mad Cornish Pair

tonight we discovered how to construct panaramic shots, we have an order for a picture & two others allready this week, Carbooting tommorow start of the silly season over here, Holidaymakers!, a big thanks for comments on our pictures, means alot to us all the comments we get from you bubblers over there! that’s the main reason we take photo’s is the general feedback that we get from our customers, glad to see the ducky o.k & still being featured on bubble you never know he may pop up here soon!!………………………………… who knows, you may allready know but check out cool 360 an awesome site, great for constructing panoramic shots all done automatically

G/night Bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

P.S. Stay tuned for our Airshow shot’s

Mad Cornish Pair Collaberate

o.k. it seems that the weather will finally be changing over here at last! so that will give us chance to catch a sunset or three, got plenty but can’t share with you bubblers as the files are to small as they were taken on our old compact! yes we had one of those everyone has to start somewhere right!? we found that we took some stunnig images with the old camera, shot’s that we just didn’t know we were getting! thank heavens for the digital format, though I believe there still a place for the 35mm format, how do we go about adding 35mm film shot’s to redbubble, me I started off all those years ago with a Zenith E anybody remember? it had a curious light meter with a circle & a line, center the line in the circle & the light was right for the shot, would love to get my hands on one of th…

Mad Cornish Pair update

hey we finally done it, done what you may well ask, we got photoshop up & working been trying to work out how to do a panoramic shot, stay tuned for the results, any advice gratefully recieved from you bubblers, uploaded another piece of work from my train trip around Cornwall, more to come soon, end of the working week finally in sight which means Sue & I can indulge in our favourite passtime going out on our adventures in the Car Boot world, gives us a buzz when we sell, hoping to be able to get to this Air Show next Wednesday so stay tuned for pictures from there, anyway we not gonna bother you bubblers anymore (Well till tommorow) hopwe you enjoy these journal entries we enjoy writing them just to keep you up to speed on North Cornwall Life

G/Night Bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish Pair have you seen it!

O.K. having decided on a plan of action for today, mounted more pictures, put them on our inventory, wrapped them, boxed them, chilled a bit, not hard with this lovely winter weather we getting here at the moment! and we went for it, the Car Boot that is! tad windy though!, have you seen our gazebo, no not the pictures, the actual gazebo, last seen heading your way! of course we only joking! though we did have to affect a repair, couple of bulldog clip’s to hold the side panel’s on more firmly, Sue’s arms were aching somewhat!, tough girl that Sue, anyway getting to grip’s with adobe illustrator though we could use a manual. perhaps you could post one with the gazebo when you find it, thank you in anticipation, could do with it for Sunday!, summer holiday’s started for the kid’s at school…

Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. Congrats to the Cornishman & his partner, they had thier first edition to thier clan A 1 day old Baby boy, Aden Joseph, so he not gonna be doing much walking around the coastline of Cornwall for the moment, anyway to our journal, we been creating certificates for our photo’s now we got Coreldraw back, YIPPEE! you never know how much you miss something till you get it back!, (Found Sue!) when we reconfigured our Computer to go online, Yep seem’s like Windows 98 to old to take Broadband, we installed windows XP Professional along with a host of problems but all cured now! so we can reorganise our Certificates etc that we give out with our Prints, as well as an advertising pack for redbubble for sales for our Prints online Yes we that hooked with redbubble, anyway back to the question…

mad cornish pair miss it

yep we did, missed it! what might you ask did we miss, the best sunset this year so far, I was on my way back from barnstaple with no Camera, Sue had just finished work, missed the shot of the century! Sue missed it because she came back for Tiggs, not a bad thing always take the dog! that’s a motto, if we can’t find anything decent to photograph…………………………………………… we take pictures of the dog, luckily for us, She dosn’t feature on the portfolio, we sold yesterday big style, gallery looking good & working well, Prints don’t blow all over the place & stay on thier easels which helps with our display purposes & presents the image we are looking for, Top Quality for the customer, anyway we late with our journal, please feel free to peruse our portfolio, ………………….. the motto of this journal? as …

mad cornish pair as promised

Hey, as promised our first load of new pictures, we been busy today getting allsorts of different pictures printed including a special for my little boy, he will enjoy that one, we torn actually, now do we go to boot sale tommorrow! or do we lock ourselves in & read Potter!, don’t give the game away those of you who have read it allready! Bookworms! we had fun on hols but missed bubbling with you though we did manage a few interactions or two!, got a new range of prints out, doing a print all mounted ready for framing size 20 × 15!! yeah I know impressive or what, gonna see how that one sells, Time to unpack before heading off to the land of snozzle see you bubblers tommorrow


Paul,Sue & tiggs

mad cornish pair

Is it that time allready, Sue & I been that busy going through memory cards, selecting pictures that we can get blown up for Sunday, yes we fully back, Guess what bubblers Harry comes out tommorrow! Harry & the deathly hallows, we ordered 4, can do you bubblers a deal, 4.99 a book, but you gotta get to Bude for 8 a.m. (bst) we won’t let on what happens (Honest) anyway tommorows the day when we upload our next batch of photo’s for you all to peruse, should be some stunning pictures, been busy while we on hol’s, need sleep so we don’t have to wait to long before we get the book, just like xmas when we were ten! night bubblers

Got a BBQ tommorow Got lot’s of shrimps

Paul,Sue & Tiggs (Hiding under bed because of the thunder)


did you miss us! answers on a postcard please, oh talking of postcards have the guy’s at bubble thought of that idea yet!, any way seriously did you miss us!!!!, been here, there & everywhere memory card full up gonna start deleting what we don’t want or stuff that not good enough! got back to find an order for a large picture of a shot we took on our compact, so we had to dash off with the Nikon & take agian, dosn’t matter how much you try, you can never get the same effect!, think we have done better this time, anyway gonna sell through redbubble, alot of good pictures since we been gone will start sifting through them soon, off out taking pictures tommorrow down in Bodmin got a lovely little steam track down there should be good for a shot or two, off booting Sunday, gonna be millionar…

mad mad mad Cornish Pair

What A B E A utiful day over here, the met man got it wrong! or right whatever forecast you watch, we off surfing today well taking pictures of anyway, decided it’s pure madness, madness I tell you, That we live so close to a stunningly beautiful Coastline,that we havn’t got any pictures of surfers!!!!!!!, so gonna put that right today, also my sister just purchased a classic turdster, (Triumph Herald) that she wants pictures taken of, let’s see what else we have to do day, lot’s of housework to to do, & we off selling tonight at a Car Boot sale with my little helper, lets see if he know’s how to put a mobile art gallery up the right way! still looking for buyers for his picture? can anyone help? any how we off now catch you later bubbblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

mad cornish Pair proud & Happy

O.K. you might say what makes us happy! is it the new Car in the drive, is it that we may have sold a print or two, or that we have won some money on the lottery!, no to all of the above! Picked my little 6 year old up from School today on one of my acesses day’s only see him twice a week, which aint bad, having asked him what he wanted to do, he revealed he wanted to make pictures like his Dad!!, so spent a fun filled two hours drawing planes,boats & trains & mounting them for him! the best time we have spent together for a long time, motto of the story, Art is fun, should be fun & although we may not be able to sell his prints! we created in the space of two hours a space for me & harry to express ourselves!!!! woah that was deep, especially for me, anyway he wants to sell them to aqui…

mad cornish pair still up

Hey this better we still up & not in the land of snozzle, we just finished adding pictures to our spreadsheet system, re: image management system,. we find that a simple spreadsheet system works well for us, does any one know how good lightroom is & is it easy to use? as we replied to the journal all we have to do is go to excel & all the information we need is there, how many pictures we have, how many we sold, what colour mounts we sold, etc etc……………………………..…

any how serious business makes my brain hurt! off tommorow taking photo’s will upload the best one’s on friday for you to peruse & perhaps buy! we should have some aircraft pictures coming up soon, once again wwe will upload the best, this year should see the return of the Vulcan to the skies, an awesome sight for any one to behold

Mad Cornish Pair off on hols!

wey hey, Guess what! yep Nil Points for that one, we on holiday from the day job, well Sue isn’t hee hee! aint I a rotter, packing the holiday survival kit! sun cream?, no don’t need that!, Shorts! nah, T shirts, you guessed it No! in goes the raincoat,woolly jumper & the hot water bottle!, & of course the camera! dosn’t lok like we will be at the car boot tommorrow either, oh well perhaps we will get that sale on bubble!,…

off to take pictures of steam trains on Monday, still life on Tuesday, locking myself in our studio on wednesday & see what comes out, Car boot on wednesday as well, so busy day that day, but it will be doing something Sue & I love taking pictures! you thought something else right!,

anyway we got inventory to put right & then Tea to cook so

G/Day bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tig

mad Cornish Pair Released

Hah! that fooled you, Thought we had been detained! but no! we got a holiday from the day job,& you know what that means?……………………… gonna need a bigger memory card! got a few shoots planned some will be impromptu! I think some times they work better, will keep you all in suspense & load the best of the bunch next Friday (What do you mean relief) …………………..…

moving quickly on to the next subject, this weeks project! what’s that I hear you ask, each week we set a subject & would like to see your works covering the subject, this weeks subject is…………………………………………… TRAINS!, so come on you bubblers lets see yor trains, if you dont’t mind that is,

A BIG thank you to all those bubblers who added our work to thier favourites & those of you who added us to thier watchlist,

Finally any bubblers who live

We Cornish pair are hooked bubblers!

Pauls out this evening and once again the weather has decided my fate for tonight….browsing Redbubble i notice there are quite a few new comers…soon surely to be also well and truely hooked!
Been trying to master the art of photographing animals.. of course tiggs and twinkle are my subjects but not easy when trying to take close ups as tiggs convinced its a game and keeps licking the lense or nudging me over…. I give in!!.. i’ll try another day when shes wiped out from the fresh air or i’ll be licked to death!
Could do with some assistance from you bubblers… do any of you know if there is a governing body of sorts that you can report rouge web sites too? weve been stung by one closer too home… any advice welcome.
Happy bubbling
Look forward to browsing your creative pieces tomorrow.
Sue, Tigg…

mad Cornish pair rescue gnome

wow wow wow wow, just a few words to describe our day off today, went down to rocky valley, trebarwith strand & delabole, view pics in our poprtfolio, uploaded some of the better ones for you to peruse, shocked also as to how much damage the constant rain has done to ths part of england, the bridge we normally use to reach rocky valley gone! yep stone solid gone, Sue tried to find it but no, it had gone! Sue came back with a bit of wood & said if we place this there, silly moo! any way her idea was for me to go first, yeah right like I was gonna fall for that old chesnut! after a one sided debate! Sue went first with Tiggs in tow, I followed only after me saw Sue had got over safely, I mean come on we are talking 2 foot wide of a torrential 6 inch deep stream here, the dangers we photog…

Mad Cornish Pair got the day off

Sorted Sue & I have the day off together tommorow, Got a cold one from the fridge Fosters of course, Tiggs has a bowl of cold water, she easy to please, decided where we going for our photo shoot, batteries charging, Sue be home soon life is good, noticed there are more people from England joining redbubble all the time, a big HI to them, thanks to the people who have posted trees our results will be out tommorow, hurry you still got 3 days to post your entry for trees, havn’t decided on a prize yet, might have to sell a few more pictures first though!…

hey you all invited to our Gallery opening! don’t know when it going to be yet!, but you are all invited, anyway hoping we come back with that one photo that will send us into the big time, were you all impressed with our new camera (See o

Mad Cornish Pair on the loose

well we came down from yesterday, but still a big buzz, repled to melindas Red Rag forum quite an interesting debate to debate, how far is to far! any way back to the business of Art & photography, posted a picture of our new aquisition, hope you like the photo! can any one help us with getting film or even a handbook for the camera, it is a Koadk pocket Camera we believe it takes glass plates, HELP? would love to see what photos it can produce, an unusual occurance this week Sue & I have both got the day off together! no there won’t be any nudity photo’s for the debate to discuss!! we off to rocky valley to see what we can come up with in the way of photos, working on photo’s for a calendar which we hope redbubble will produce in the near future, as mentioned in the forum’s, Pretty Pleas…

mad mad Cornish Pair make it BIG

hey bubblers boy did we have a good day today, awesome wouldn’t describe it! Sue still trying to think of a word! it hurts when she thinks!, we took our mobile Art gallery out on the road today with new range in tow, wow did we do good Sold 5 pictures! still havn’t broken even but hey we will get there, if you want to know what a mobile Art Galery looks like visit our portfolio, pics will be available for viewing for a day only, would love to know what you think of it?, bought a really old box camera for 6.50 a bargain, apparantley you can still get glass plates for them, gonna try that for sure watch this space!, been asked to attend a Arts & Craft Fair in November, that made us feel well made up I can tell you, have you ever tried putting a gazebo up with no instructions! a must!……………………

ready to go! mad Cornish Pair!

well we set for the off! day job finished for another week got the day off tommorow! well kinda of, selling pictures tommorow, summer returned after all the rain we had! being told we have to drink more water, Dams are to full! need the dambusters! 1st of august we off photographing Aircraft at a Cornish airshow, been a while since we went to one looking forward to the images we can capture on disc, hoping to do a series on ww2 aircraft, has any one got any ideas on the best way to produce a calendar for next year would appreciate your help if ant one got any firm ideas! you know where our portfoilio is, any help gratefully recieved just one more thing!

G/day Australia

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

Mad Cornish pair on tenterhooks

you may well wonder why we on tenterhooks? well it would seem we are mad! stark raving bonkers if you ask our friends, they fed up with hearing about redbubble, so much so it seems, that at least two of them have joined up as bubblers cool eh!
any way the reason why we are on tenterhooks! it’s not raining this weekend! well according to the weather man, so we can finally go out & sell pictures again, we missed the buzz! not just of selling but the comments we get from people who stop & look, will post a picture of our final set up on Sunday! it’s hard just to get those finishing touches that will make the difference! also time to set our new weekly project this week it’s Trees, any shape or form, so bubblers let’s see your trees! if you don’t mind me asking! gonna post a starter picture in…

Mad Cornish Pair introduce more to red bubble

Tonight Redbuuble has been introduced to more English folk! and would seem we are not the only ones hooked.
In case we haven’t said….a big "Thankyou " to the creators of this site.
The only good thing to come out of this excuse of Summer is that we can spend more time bubbling! tho Sue has a day away from day job tomorrow and whey hey… there promising window of hope for the day…….hear the camera calling!! planning a calendar to launch over here soon,
Sue had written this really good journal & then I came back from my spare time duties (like I have any spare time need a good 36 Hours in the day), then I came upstairs looked at the journal to see if it made the home page (gives us a big buzzzz every time it does!) any how me moving to the home page, wiped the whole lot, now sue dosn’t know…

ramblings of the mad cornish pair

O.K. I had a day off today, thought I would soak up some of the local culture, also combine with taking some photos, after reaching my destination! having to deal with a herd of cows, determined to lick me to death! I got there!, where’s there I hear you asking, Morwenstowe Church, steeped in Cornish folk lore for the smuggling trade, & a Vicar who put this part of North Cornwall on the straight & narrow!, the Reverend Stephen Hawker, if you follow the coast path past the church & on to the Cliffs you will come to the original Hawkers Hut! he used to come out on to Cliffs & perch himself in his hut, where he used to write his Sermons for the Parish of morwenstowe, his most noble act was being instrumental in leading to Safety survivors of a Shipwreck, The figurehead of the boat still live…

mad cornishman goes solo

as I write, I am on my own tommorow, ahh! only for tommorow, Sue hasn’t run off in to the hills with our Camera, though that would be a good place to go (photo wise), Sue at work, so thought me would head off & take pictures……………………………………

Don’t know what of yet but I am sure I can find some subject that I can take! looking at some of the black & white competiton entries, me worried now don’t know if mine good enough, mite head back that way, (You never know where I am gonna turn up)?
if you see someone scratching his head & leafing through a camera book come & say hi!

don’t know exactley what the time difference is over there guessing it’s 09.33 in the morning over there at the moment, 21.33 over here, wish you had smell web!, you could smell the awesome meal being created in the kitchen at

mad cornish pair going bonkers!

well 24 hours in to smoke free in Blighty! & everybody busy over here scheming ways of overcoming the law on smoke free pubs! remember the burger van we wrote about at car boots, He’s had it!, a triumph for gastronimy in Bude!.
Now to serious stuff, me just come in from the garage with two bit’s of wood, a couple of mushroom boxes & hey presto we have a new display option will show you on Friday night when we try a dry run, so stay tuned for more pic’s of our gallery! wondering if any of you bubblers have any good ideas for display’s ? let us know, keep an eye out also for our friend the Cornishman, him & some friends are walking around Cornwall!, & uploading pictures to bubble,
commented on melinda’s red rag today, good subject hope the rest are equally as inspiring!…

See you tommorow


Mad Cornish Pair go West

Ok. faced with the prospect of having all our prints blowing away after the gazebo we decided on!………………………….. going west though we couldn’t actualy go much further west than we are at the moment! not without getting extremely damp…

Starting our series on Tin Mines!, Got some stunning shots, as usual we gonna load the best ones in to our portfolio, just to show you what we did on our day off, had some fun capturing the calm tranquil Summer Sea, you will have to browse our portfolio to see that one, White water rafting comes to mind! introduced tiggs to lets get wet in the surf, she didn’t go a bundle on that, Nor did Sue, She still trying to dry herself off,

after the comments from a couple of bubblers we decided to look at flickr! not a patch on redbubble! not even close!,

in the process o

award recognised mad cornish pair

Hey all you bubblers! we got recognised by digital photo magazine over here! wow wow wow, now down to business, signs our project for this month! thanks to zee1 for their comments & the sign they posted!, we have a collection of posts! yes posts! sort of a sign made of wood gonna post 1 tonight for you all to admire & add to your favourites…………………………………………………………..? no honest you can…

Sue said why!? it’s a post, she dosn’t seem to recognize the work they do, 365 day’s a year 24/7, they stand there & show us the way, Sue say’s I’ve lost it, probably, but at least posts wouldn’t lose it!,

end of our working week hoping the weather will be good enough to roll the Gazebo out tommorow, or we can go & start our series on tin mines, if they find me sane enough to be let out, gonna put our AWARD w

mad Cornish Pair need an Ark or something

well the constant onset of winter in June not doing much for our picture taking over here!, we coming up with a project need ideas from you bubblers, pictyure based! would be good to interact & see your’e results for the project of the week! Sue & I have put our heads together & come up with (Wiat for it) ……………………………..…

Signs!…….. this weeks project is Signs, had a few ideas allready will post the upcoming work in our portfolio, would be great to see your work on this subject! just chilling with a few beers as you do! & browsing the redbubble site, going to Paris soon so stand by for some pictures from there, big hi to my Uncle pete in Hong Kong (Yes they now Know in Hong Kong),

we in Bude busy preparing for the Skateboard Classic downhill, so stay tuned for some pictures from there , load

Cornwall set to go bubbling mad?

“Redbubble?” …I’m constantly being asked!
Is Cornwall about to go bubbling mad?
Paul’s been spreading the word!!!….but hey, thats good for you bubblers out there too!
A little over two weeks ago we discovered this site and hell are we hooked!
Plenty of time to browse through your portfolio’s tonight; summer weathers still showing no mercy and Paul’s off on his Flying Officers duties, wont be back til late… I wonder what stunning pictures he could capture over the South West coast of England in that helicopter? …awesome I bet!! shame photography cant play a role!
Had time to change our imageworld pics availabilities, can now be bought also as cards.
Myself ‘grounded’ tonight, my challenge is to distort my subjects composition using light settings… dark and light merging?
Catch up with y…

Mad Mad Mad ramblings of the Cornish Pair

O.K. it’s not a buick, it’s not even american! hell I don’t know what it is? answers on a postcard please!………………………. it’s a………………………………….. Well done to Sue from imageworld, Cornwall, England YES it’s a Tatra, Czech, well from some eastern european Country anyway! confused you should be! we talking about the car I took photos of today, as well as frithlestock church which has remains of a monastry attached to it! all can be viewed in our portfolio, gonna upload tonight, Yes bic even a car pic for you to buy, why not visit our portfolio, to view & tell us your thoughts, had an interesting chat with the guy who restoring the car to it’s former glory! looks like more car pics to come your way!…

Happy Bubbling

Paul,Sue & tiggs

p.s. had some good ideas for a photo to mark the end of smoking in p

mad cornish pair again

Any of you seen sue! last heard going off on a royalty hunt! true about the cliff though! looked a bit dodgy tried everything to get sue to pose on it with no luck! (she the sensible one of the pair), me got day off tommorow out with the camera trying hard to get to grips with the new camera entered a few competitions still working on the redbubble one, (this years for a change) have you heard the story of unleashed07!!? a big hello to bandicoot who commented on our last journal entry & to bic bic who got soaked at wimbledon today! we all shocked over here! Henman got past the first round, we introduced lots of our friends to red bubble, some even have cameras! bit of competition never hurt no 1, anyway no photos to load today so once sue returns off in the pursuit of an evening together …

Englands going under!!

Paul’s been at work now for over 2 hrs & I have challenged myself to take that ultimate picture today!?.
Day off has come round again, woken to breaking news of torrential rain falls, causing extreme floodings all over England…. (Wimbledon!)…. 10 more days of relentless rain predicted so looks like ‘Englands going under!’
But hey, good news is that we in Cornwall seem to have escaped unscathed?.
Hard to believe that February this year compared to now was considerably warmer and this time last year we had hosepipe ban in place!
Coastal location is off cards, further inland is probably sensible option today: I hear that member of the Royal family is visiting this way, so maybe I;ll try catch a glimpse.
But, do I feel like being sensible?… nah! some of our best pics todate have been captured t…

ramblins of the mad cornish pair

8.00 p.m. over here, well the english summer set in here, Flood warnings in force & no sunset to photograph though they promise summer will return, watch this space for scorchio, thank you for melindas comments on picture of yesteryear, hoping to post some more on that theme soon! out driving looking for frithlestock & an ancient monastery (found it), drove past a buick in a garage forecourt, thinking on the competition you guy’s got going at the moment, well reckon it would look stunning in black & white, must do that before the closing date! do that a lot, always looking for that perfect picture! see lots on t.v. hard at work on preparing selling areas for the gazebo (sorry Mobile Art Gallery!), having fun doing it though, any way enough ramblings from us & thank you for daveoh & his co…

King Uther son of pendragon by the mad cornish pair

Been taking photos! Don’t ask about weather or boot sale, called off so Me, Sue & tiggs went down to tintagel, King uthers castle will be posting pictures soon look in our porfolio, getting to grips with new camera, Sue took better pictures on the old one, me being honest…………….. any how got a couple of good pictures to load up would love to know what you think, any way steeped in history not alot left of it, but it was a day out doing what we enjoy the best taking pictures! stopped off in Boscastle took some there as well, need some ideas as to what photos from Cornwall you would most like to see on redbubble! hope you like the one’s we upload tonight catch you soon, keep on bubbling

Paul,Sue & tiggs

sue hard at work

sue hard at work mounting the next load of small photos for sale at todays booty, & we finished by 1a.m. amazing, sincce we been up since 4a.m.! just thought we would share with you the process of our production line, Quality is our watchword! sorry no photo of our picture tonight show you once the customer has seen it………….
watch this space night night! bubble you tommorow

really eager mad cornish pair

Well tommorows the day we try our new selling gizmo! sorry mobile Art Gallery, trial run so we can develop it as we go along, amongst things happing here tonight going out to take a commission that we have had placed will place results in our portfolio when we done tonight! or today if you in Australia, thank you for your comments on our journal, makes us believe that we are going in the right direction (Weather depending) although it is wimbledon fortnight! that means two weeks of tennis or if traditions right Cliff Richard singing to the crowds, less said about that the better, me thinks, if you ever in the South West U.K. pop in to a booty & say hi, hopefully by then we will have the signs in place, doing the series on tin mines two weeks time friend of ours is writing an article for s…

ramblings of the mad cornish pair continued.........

Hey bubblers, guess what! we got our mobile Art Gallery, we sure it’s the right direction to go in! all about image, don’t know if you think we truly mad or what over there! we trying most directions, pop in to our portfoilo to catch a glimpse of the gazebo! be interested to know your thoughts, want to end up with our own shop one day, putting tiggs picture on sale over here warmly recieved over there in Australia, by the way good morning! shoots taking place as soon as the weather behaves itself are King Artuhurs Castle & a shoot on Cornish tin mines hoping to capture on image the sub-culture of the Cornish world as well any way bubblers have a good weekend we roll the mobile gallery out on Sunday this week wish us luck……………………

Really Really Stupid Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. well I said,
what said sue!
Unleashed 07, I said, had a brilliant idea for unleashed 07! Red bubbles in the form of tomatoes…………………..
Awesome Said sue!…

home from work tomatoes in tow! spent majority of the evening setting up equipment & tomatoes! posed watered and sublity lit using a very expensive angle lamp; took a loan out for that one………….

well here we are 5 hours later entry posted!
Look sue Said!
what I said…………….
closing date MARCH 2007!!!!!!!!!
…………………..did I mention we live in a time warp here in cornwall!
anyway we feel it’s good enough for a peek, go on we wont mind!!!!! you have to think of redbubbles unleashed!, sue’s idea involved 500 red balloons & a step ladder!!! glad we didn’t do that one!!
any way not all lost?
we going to enter the next competiton! gonna do that ne

Mad Cornish Greeting cards?

Half asleep we’ve just signed into redbubble.
‘Greeting cards’… another new angle appeared whilst we slept…what a great idea!
Been registered for a week now & very impressed with the additions implemented to this site..(welldone redbubble!)
06:15 already!!… almost time for work, definetely worth considering option of ‘imageworld’ pics into cards, will add to later.
Looking forward to receiving our first newsletter too!

Mad Cornish Pair on the loose with gazebo

good morning Australia, we been busy over here with the arrival of the gazebo! (or mobile gallery), will post pictures of the set up on Sunday after we been out selling prints!,…

was suppose to be taking pictures of King Arthurs Castle today, inclement weather put paid to that! you know how soggy Britain can be in the summer, thank you for the comment on tiggs from damien, she well stoked with her reception, Twinkle well miffed about being left out in the cold so to speak visit our portfolio,

been surfing the pictures taken by redbubblers today well taken by lots of them, setting up the picture for unleashed today should be a stonking picture if it comes off the way I want it to!!!!

anyhow keep it in focus over there, hope to have lots of comments to read tommorow maybe even a sale or two

mad cornish pair! we got a gazebo!!

us again the mad cornish pair! sat here wondering how to improve our appearance at the car boot…. get a gazebo, I said!.
what! sue said.
sorry, I said… a mobile Art Gallery, I said. (right answer! phew!)
anyway we are picking it up tommorow, imageworld are going mobile! with a touch of class……….. photo to follow on Sunday,
car boots here we come, burger man has invested in a second trailer only because the first 1 got towed away!?( wasn’t us)……. Honest, being serious hope it will add a touch of class to our image and draw the punters in, doing well taken an order for 2 prints. sue had a good look at redbubble & came up with a novel idea for ‘unleashed’ results to follow, thank you all for your comments on our photos, catch you soon,

imageworld & Tiggs

Tiggs has won me over!

Just returned home from work, had time to Browse this fantastic site again before Paul returns from his Officers duties.
If you look at our portfolio “imagaworld” your’ll see a pictire of Tiggs…she is giving me a look of disapproval telling me i should be taking her for a walk she knows i feel guilty!.
Tomorrow i have a day off so will spend some quality time looking through your creative pieces then.

us again the mad cornish pair

we took time off from our day jobs today to go & sell our pictures (usual Sunday event at the Car boot Sales), sold the boot!!!! tad windy in the car now!! it may seem wierd to try & sell pictures at a car boot sale but it works, all about getting our name known “imageworld” another 4 people have our pictures in thier homes a cool thought! not bad 4 a couple of hours work, Shame about the bacon burgers though! myself & sue are plotting a tow away on his van!, gonna post a picture for you all to look at how we sell our pictures usual place, still waiting for that hooray!, thank you to you all for your comments to date & the featuring of our exploits on your home page gives us a warm feeling, or is that the weather! catch you all tommorow great site this redbubble,

As promised! the ramblings of the mad cornish pair

rare occasion myself & sue been out taking pictures! yes we did remeber the camera, 2 pics loaded to our portfolio 2 day (Sorry txt mode) car all packed for Car boot sale 2moz!!, off out selling pictures all day tommorow, only way we know how at the moment but they are selling! also guy with the catering van does a mean Bacon burger, though you might not belive it to see him cooking them, best not not to look really!! hope he not reding this, thank you all for your comments on our pics, they wre gratefully recieved this end all most time for us to be off to the land of nod need my beauty sleep, anyway check our portfolio out for the new pics, one of the village cat good 1 we think,


Ramblings of the mad cornish pair

Hi There, Paul & Sue from imageworld here again, both been doing stuff!! mainly day job & going out without the Camera! (Daft or What) thank you to imogen munday for her comment on our first journal, Sue wrote, this one a joint efort!, those of you that know of Cornwall, should know how damp it can be from time to time!, Lundy Island just off the coast was a picture with the sunset! (Guess What) No Camera, think we would learn, shooting clovelly tommorow quiant Devon fishing village, hoping to have a few shots worth sharing with you at red bubble, wish we had found earlier a great site for stunning photos, would like to know if we are on the right track with our photos, comments always welcome on our photos, waiting for a horray!, had a great idea for the competiton unleashed, will share …

New to redbubble

Pauls been up since 04.00hrs, at least 2hrs before myself…early start ….day job! wev’e spent a couple of hours together now he’s off to do his bit for the RAF reserves.
Neither of us had opportunity to take photos today but have plans for a shoot on Saturday, will upload some pics on our return.
My first time on this site & so far i’m impressed. Paul’s been hooked since registering us a few days ago.. I can see why!
You can view some of our portfolio registered under ‘imageworld’

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait