Mad Cornish Pair Still Coming Down

Wow wow wow & wow just once more! hey we been out selling today, we also added to our Camera Collection, today we got an early Halina 35mm Camera for two pounds! Bargain or what, dosn’t work but it’s a part of History, sold lots & we have two potential Sales coming up on Redbubble, Lady wants a Canvas print done of reflections so we guided her towards redbubble, had lots of good feedback from the punters including A guy who can help us when we set up our own Gallery, so as always it’s about getting our name known hey we reckon Burger man even reading redbubble, Silver Service at a boot sale! I mean, even his burgers taste better, well done burger man, Sue came up with a novel idea of selling ice cold Cola on our stall, that being a result of not being able to get one anywhere! but back to pictures our imagecards are flying out of the window (Kinda of a posh Postcard) so that was a good edition & the large one’s still selling well, so you lot coming to our Gallery opening or what!


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