Mad Cornish Pair put on hold

o.k. so why we been put on hold? due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to postpone our first exhibition by 4 Days, not to bad but the last minute rush to make sure the work was all completed on time was a killer especially with a new born Baby, talking of which brings a lot of responsibility but alot of hapiness with Him also, wouldn’t give him up for the world, anyway the work we have completed for the exhibition is stunning to say the least, though we are slightly biased but if you in the area of the Southwest of england in the next month do give it a look, other things going on me & Sue have taken to sleeping in shift’s not that bad he is giving us 4 hours a time but you always need a top up on sleep, especially my angel Sue! bless anyway got to go now & do things or stuff might just have a surf around the bubble land for a hour or two

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue,Thomas & Tiggs

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