Mad Cornish Pair In Awe!

O.K. What a day we had today, firstly to he who must not be named, a few Airshow pictures for you!………………………………………. only 749 left to sift through, yes we took that many photo’s today!, went to the R.N.A.S. Culdrose Airshow today, first day Sue & I have had together for a long time, well to do what we really enjoy & combine the love of photography with watching the Aircraft fly by! we still on a big buzz even though as we write our journal we have been up for some 16 hours, will be releasing the best of the photo’s as we go through them!, but if we get ten good photo’s then it will be well worthwhile going today, you can view our pictures in our portfolio

Goodnight bubblers we off to dream of the skie’s & Planes

Paul & Sue! didn’t take tiggs we good dog owners

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