What A Great Day Mad Cornish Pair

Hey bubblers what a great day we had today, well apart from being on the road at 06.30 this morning! commited or we should be, getting excellent vibes from people who actually stop at our mobile Art Gallery, we got it set up just right now! want to own your own gallery then get a gazebo! no honest it works Old School honest! sold 7 pictures in the space of just 4 Hours today, sold 5 10 × 12 piictures 1 of which was from our new stock, check out Storm Force Tide! in our portfolio that 1 flew outa the door 1st thing this morning to a couple on honeymoon ahh! then sale after sale, just enough to send us to Culdrose Air Day on Wednesday be loads of pictures coming from there, sold a train picture, also able to view in our gallery, so all in all a Succesful day, also been invited to join a Camera Club, how opften does that happen, told the guy who invited us to join all about redbubble can we have our commission cheque please? only kidding, anyway after an exciting day like that we off to chill & then back to the day job, but hey it’s nice to be a proffesional photographer for 1 day!

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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