Mad Cornish Pair Collaberate

o.k. it seems that the weather will finally be changing over here at last! so that will give us chance to catch a sunset or three, got plenty but can’t share with you bubblers as the files are to small as they were taken on our old compact! yes we had one of those everyone has to start somewhere right!? we found that we took some stunnig images with the old camera, shot’s that we just didn’t know we were getting! thank heavens for the digital format, though I believe there still a place for the 35mm format, how do we go about adding 35mm film shot’s to redbubble, me I started off all those years ago with a Zenith E anybody remember? it had a curious light meter with a circle & a line, center the line in the circle & the light was right for the shot, would love to get my hands on one of those again the fun was basic but a laugh

G/Night bubblers

Paui,Sue & Tiggs

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