ramblings of the Mad Cornish pair

spring has sprung, & yes you guessed it?!!!!!!!!!!! we been out on the boot sale market selling our prints, & buying lots of stuff to boot! get it? no mobile gallery yet that comes later on in the year when we start hitting the grass sites got big plans for this option & are currently remoddeling the display potential to maximise the options, had a good day sold prints selling of last years stock cheaper than the range of new prints coming out this year! hoping that run to the sun will be exactley that & not the damp squib it turned into last year hoping for lots of things but a good summer would do us proud over here, 1 problem we are going to encounter if the weather is hot is the condensation that builds up inside the plastic bags we put our prints into but I am sure we will get there, just one thing left to say is redbubble will have 2 new members today from Bude in Cornwall see you all soon

Paul,Sue,Bump & Tiggs

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