Mad Cornish Pair have you seen it!

O.K. having decided on a plan of action for today, mounted more pictures, put them on our inventory, wrapped them, boxed them, chilled a bit, not hard with this lovely winter weather we getting here at the moment! and we went for it, the Car Boot that is! tad windy though!, have you seen our gazebo, no not the pictures, the actual gazebo, last seen heading your way! of course we only joking! though we did have to affect a repair, couple of bulldog clip’s to hold the side panel’s on more firmly, Sue’s arms were aching somewhat!, tough girl that Sue, anyway getting to grip’s with adobe illustrator though we could use a manual. perhaps you could post one with the gazebo when you find it, thank you in anticipation, could do with it for Sunday!, summer holiday’s started for the kid’s at school so we hoping to sell lot’s of pictures in the next 6 weeks over here, we had a good idea on how to boost redbubble, could you actually include an exhibition corner for a featured artist of the week! just an idea, check out our new additions to our portfolio more to come soon!

G/Day bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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