Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. Congrats to the Cornishman & his partner, they had thier first edition to thier clan A 1 day old Baby boy, Aden Joseph, so he not gonna be doing much walking around the coastline of Cornwall for the moment, anyway to our journal, we been creating certificates for our photo’s now we got Coreldraw back, YIPPEE! you never know how much you miss something till you get it back!, (Found Sue!) when we reconfigured our Computer to go online, Yep seem’s like Windows 98 to old to take Broadband, we installed windows XP Professional along with a host of problems but all cured now! so we can reorganise our Certificates etc that we give out with our Prints, as well as an advertising pack for redbubble for sales for our Prints online Yes we that hooked with redbubble, anyway back to the question I gonna pose do you bubblers find Coreldraw easier than Microsoft word, had real trouble with microsoft word, also is Adobe illustrator as good as Adobe photoshop or am I being silly is it all part of the same package, anyhoo……………………………….!

Godnight bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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