mad cornish pair

Is it that time allready, Sue & I been that busy going through memory cards, selecting pictures that we can get blown up for Sunday, yes we fully back, Guess what bubblers Harry comes out tommorrow! Harry & the deathly hallows, we ordered 4, can do you bubblers a deal, 4.99 a book, but you gotta get to Bude for 8 a.m. (bst) we won’t let on what happens (Honest) anyway tommorows the day when we upload our next batch of photo’s for you all to peruse, should be some stunning pictures, been busy while we on hol’s, need sleep so we don’t have to wait to long before we get the book, just like xmas when we were ten! night bubblers

Got a BBQ tommorow Got lot’s of shrimps

Paul,Sue & Tiggs (Hiding under bed because of the thunder)

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