did you miss us! answers on a postcard please, oh talking of postcards have the guy’s at bubble thought of that idea yet!, any way seriously did you miss us!!!!, been here, there & everywhere memory card full up gonna start deleting what we don’t want or stuff that not good enough! got back to find an order for a large picture of a shot we took on our compact, so we had to dash off with the Nikon & take agian, dosn’t matter how much you try, you can never get the same effect!, think we have done better this time, anyway gonna sell through redbubble, alot of good pictures since we been gone will start sifting through them soon, off out taking pictures tommorrow down in Bodmin got a lovely little steam track down there should be good for a shot or two, off booting Sunday, gonna be millionares well twenty squid would do!, hear that you guy’s at bubble are thinking of doing Business Cards, would be a great idea if you do, serious job for us to do is go back & try & capture the shot’s we have had before with the new camera so we can load them on to the bubble so you can all have a look,

anyway won’t bore you any more

G/Day bubblers happy bubbling

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