mad mad mad Cornish Pair

What A B E A utiful day over here, the met man got it wrong! or right whatever forecast you watch, we off surfing today well taking pictures of anyway, decided it’s pure madness, madness I tell you, That we live so close to a stunningly beautiful Coastline,that we havn’t got any pictures of surfers!!!!!!!, so gonna put that right today, also my sister just purchased a classic turdster, (Triumph Herald) that she wants pictures taken of, let’s see what else we have to do day, lot’s of housework to to do, & we off selling tonight at a Car Boot sale with my little helper, lets see if he know’s how to put a mobile art gallery up the right way! still looking for buyers for his picture? can anyone help? any how we off now catch you later bubbblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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