ramblings of the mad cornish pair

O.K. here we are again me sat here in our studio rambling away to you & you are probaly on the beach! hey our summer coming, hope we get one this year, hoping to do run to the sun this year & get some good pictures, things getting busy here, exhibition one planned & 6 pictures away from being complete we been asked back next year & we been asked to put some pictures in to a seascape exhibition so we over the cow about that one!! or is it the cow jumped over the moon!!!!!!!! OH well you know what I mean, portraits we venturing out in to the world of portraits got 2 booked so I am furiously practicing portraits like you would’nt know & gettint better the only trouble is geting family to pose for me but I gonna blackmail them, anyone want to hear some gossip, only joking going into baby photo’s in 7 weeks time that on the horizon now so we dead excited! well Sue a litle nervy about the whole thing but me sure she will be fine

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue,Bump & tiggs

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