mad cornish Pair proud & Happy

O.K. you might say what makes us happy! is it the new Car in the drive, is it that we may have sold a print or two, or that we have won some money on the lottery!, no to all of the above! Picked my little 6 year old up from School today on one of my acesses day’s only see him twice a week, which aint bad, having asked him what he wanted to do, he revealed he wanted to make pictures like his Dad!!, so spent a fun filled two hours drawing planes,boats & trains & mounting them for him! the best time we have spent together for a long time, motto of the story, Art is fun, should be fun & although we may not be able to sell his prints! we created in the space of two hours a space for me & harry to express ourselves!!!! woah that was deep, especially for me, anyway he wants to sell them to aquire the new Spiderman game for playstation oh well it was a fun two hours, anyone want to buy a print or two Crafted by a 6 year old & a dad who makes boat’s look like a plane gone wrong

Happy bubbling

Paul,Sue,Haryy & Tiggs

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