mad cornish pair still up

Hey this better we still up & not in the land of snozzle, we just finished adding pictures to our spreadsheet system, re: image management system,. we find that a simple spreadsheet system works well for us, does any one know how good lightroom is & is it easy to use? as we replied to the journal all we have to do is go to excel & all the information we need is there, how many pictures we have, how many we sold, what colour mounts we sold, etc etc……………………………..

any how serious business makes my brain hurt! off tommorow taking photo’s will upload the best one’s on friday for you to peruse & perhaps buy! we should have some aircraft pictures coming up soon, once again wwe will upload the best, this year should see the return of the Vulcan to the skies, an awesome sight for any one to behold,

Happy bubbling

Paul, Sue & Tiggs

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