Mad Cornish Pair off on hols!

wey hey, Guess what! yep Nil Points for that one, we on holiday from the day job, well Sue isn’t hee hee! aint I a rotter, packing the holiday survival kit! sun cream?, no don’t need that!, Shorts! nah, T shirts, you guessed it No! in goes the raincoat,woolly jumper & the hot water bottle!, & of course the camera! dosn’t lok like we will be at the car boot tommorrow either, oh well perhaps we will get that sale on bubble!,

off to take pictures of steam trains on Monday, still life on Tuesday, locking myself in our studio on wednesday & see what comes out, Car boot on wednesday as well, so busy day that day, but it will be doing something Sue & I love taking pictures! you thought something else right!,

anyway we got inventory to put right & then Tea to cook so

G/Day bubblers

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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