We Cornish pair are hooked bubblers!

Pauls out this evening and once again the weather has decided my fate for tonight….browsing Redbubble i notice there are quite a few new comers…soon surely to be also well and truely hooked!
Been trying to master the art of photographing animals.. of course tiggs and twinkle are my subjects but not easy when trying to take close ups as tiggs convinced its a game and keeps licking the lense or nudging me over…. I give in!!.. i’ll try another day when shes wiped out from the fresh air or i’ll be licked to death!
Could do with some assistance from you bubblers… do any of you know if there is a governing body of sorts that you can report rouge web sites too? weve been stung by one closer too home… any advice welcome.
Happy bubbling
Look forward to browsing your creative pieces tomorrow.
Sue, Tiggs & Twink

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