mad Cornish pair rescue gnome

wow wow wow wow, just a few words to describe our day off today, went down to rocky valley, trebarwith strand & delabole, view pics in our poprtfolio, uploaded some of the better ones for you to peruse, shocked also as to how much damage the constant rain has done to ths part of england, the bridge we normally use to reach rocky valley gone! yep stone solid gone, Sue tried to find it but no, it had gone! Sue came back with a bit of wood & said if we place this there, silly moo! any way her idea was for me to go first, yeah right like I was gonna fall for that old chesnut! after a one sided debate! Sue went first with Tiggs in tow, I followed only after me saw Sue had got over safely, I mean come on we are talking 2 foot wide of a torrential 6 inch deep stream here, the dangers we photographers put ourselves in!………….. there was a bonus, found a disused slate mine that was awesome! uploaded some photos of that as well, anyhoo! Me & my Lady off to bed now 5 a.m. start tommorow so we must off to the land of faries! did you know we Brits rescue Gnomes! found a Gnome rescue centre, yeah you read right, we talking Garden Gnomes here, any way I gave a donation! Sue will feel right at home there……………………………..!

G/day & G/night

Paul,Tiggs & Gnome

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