Ramblings of the Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. so here we are pondering through our portfolio looking for some inspiration for our exhibition, looking through our Discs of pictures, finding shot’s that for some reason or another we missed 1st time around, we off to deep darkest Cornwall hoping to capture that awesome tin mine picture, know where we going just need to get our car back now, yes you need a car to get around here in these parts, had a minor indescretion with a concrete bollard, we all o.k. but car a little bent! anyway diversifying a little, missed the latest addition to our portfolio 1st time around, not exhibition standard but wanted to share with you bubblers, thing’s in the pipeline we are reworking the mobile art gallery, pushing big time this year & coming up to imageworlds 1st Birthday, so we are happy with what we have achieved so far hoping for bigger times & events this year, how many of you have heard of Boscatle & the big flood that devasted the small Cornish town, well we have been asked to attend their art’s & carft’s fair in October this year so looking forward to that have to go & Shoot the town in all it’s restored glory! anyway Sue feeling done in only 8 weeks to go to the big day so we are on tenterhooks here,

Keep on Bubbling

Paul,Sue,Bump & Tiggs

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