Mad Cornish Pair got the day off

Sorted Sue & I have the day off together tommorow, Got a cold one from the fridge Fosters of course, Tiggs has a bowl of cold water, she easy to please, decided where we going for our photo shoot, batteries charging, Sue be home soon life is good, noticed there are more people from England joining redbubble all the time, a big HI to them, thanks to the people who have posted trees our results will be out tommorow, hurry you still got 3 days to post your entry for trees, havn’t decided on a prize yet, might have to sell a few more pictures first though!

hey you all invited to our Gallery opening! don’t know when it going to be yet!, but you are all invited, anyway hoping we come back with that one photo that will send us into the big time, were you all impressed with our new camera (See our portfolio) know we mentioned it before but it is an aim to take photo’s with it just to see, looking back at the whole photo scene & wondering why we punish ourselves, spend copious amounts of money on equipment, get up early, go out late, put ourselves in funny angles, hang off precipes etc……………………………. it’s all for that one shot, that one shot that we can sit back, look at the results & just say WOW look at that,

happy bubbling &


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