Mad Cornish Pair on the loose

well we came down from yesterday, but still a big buzz, repled to melindas Red Rag forum quite an interesting debate to debate, how far is to far! any way back to the business of Art & photography, posted a picture of our new aquisition, hope you like the photo! can any one help us with getting film or even a handbook for the camera, it is a Koadk pocket Camera we believe it takes glass plates, HELP? would love to see what photos it can produce, an unusual occurance this week Sue & I have both got the day off together! no there won’t be any nudity photo’s for the debate to discuss!! we off to rocky valley to see what we can come up with in the way of photos, working on photo’s for a calendar which we hope redbubble will produce in the near future, as mentioned in the forum’s, Pretty Please, would make our day!, confusious he say, big trees grow out of small acorn’s, talking of trees our project of the week, Tree’s post your photo’s soon we doing ours on wednesday……………………………….!

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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