Ramblings of the Mad Cornish Pair

O.K. so we take a bit of time to learn things here in Cornwall, you guy’s have been doing it for some time!, you may well ask what, & being so slow here in darkest Cornwall, you may have to wait for a reply, ummmmmmm! I know displaying our artwork in our Public Profile & by gadzook’s we have discovered the magic formula! check out our public profile now & tell me you are not impressed! we were! we please easily over here, things in pipeline you could call it our pipeline report, exhibition still coming on we have taken some pic’s & we now have 7 pictures we will be displaying at the heritage centre, including 3 panaromas so all we have to do now is work onm our public profile for the Press! we also been approached by the Boscastle tourist board & asked if we want to exhibit @ some craft fairs this year, so we said yes immediatley, they viewed our works through Redbubble, so thank you Redbubble, just one question do anty of you know a good way to store & keep an inventory on our work that we sell, we were operating through microsoft excel last year but there must be a better way to do things, your ideas on a postcards please, anyway enough I hear you say, so that’s all from us pair,

Happy Bubbling

PaulSue,bump & Tiggs

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