mad mad Cornish Pair make it BIG

hey bubblers boy did we have a good day today, awesome wouldn’t describe it! Sue still trying to think of a word! it hurts when she thinks!, we took our mobile Art gallery out on the road today with new range in tow, wow did we do good Sold 5 pictures! still havn’t broken even but hey we will get there, if you want to know what a mobile Art Galery looks like visit our portfolio, pics will be available for viewing for a day only, would love to know what you think of it?, bought a really old box camera for 6.50 a bargain, apparantley you can still get glass plates for them, gonna try that for sure watch this space!, been asked to attend a Arts & Craft Fair in November, that made us feel well made up I can tell you, have you ever tried putting a gazebo up with no instructions! a must!…………………… amusement factor or what, especially for those other Car Booters at the car boot! who nobly lended a hand with Sue’s pole (Always Having Trouble with her pole), ohh we bought an easel! Ohh There goes the profits! as well as a burger from burger man (Yes he still Going), advertised redbubble to the max, on all our advertising, keep on bubbling & if you are ever visiting North Cornwall pop in & say G/Day

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

p.s. does anybody know where the memory card goes on a box brownie? ……….

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