Ramblings of the mad Cornish Pair

O.K. rambling away & I don’t mean putting on the shorts & the weird hat & setting off into the hill’s, not that there anything wrong with that at all but we on holiday next week & promise we off taking photographs for our exhibition, getting very excited about it now, so we will share with you our friends the bubblers our antics when we have the goods as they say! sue off on maternity leave from work soon so we can forge ahead with our plans until the little one comes along over the easter weekend ish! had some good comments on our first exhibition picture which can be viewed in our portfolio here on bubble, many thanks to Gordon for his help with the question we posed to him & he came up trump’s anyway off to the hill’s now or is that bed

Night Night Bubblers see you soon

Paul,Sue & Bump & Tiggs

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