Mad Cornish pair on tenterhooks

you may well wonder why we on tenterhooks? well it would seem we are mad! stark raving bonkers if you ask our friends, they fed up with hearing about redbubble, so much so it seems, that at least two of them have joined up as bubblers cool eh!
any way the reason why we are on tenterhooks! it’s not raining this weekend! well according to the weather man, so we can finally go out & sell pictures again, we missed the buzz! not just of selling but the comments we get from people who stop & look, will post a picture of our final set up on Sunday! it’s hard just to get those finishing touches that will make the difference! also time to set our new weekly project this week it’s Trees, any shape or form, so bubblers let’s see your trees! if you don’t mind me asking! gonna post a starter picture in our portfolio tonight!

good bubbling

p.s the prize! there is no prize! got your attention though

Paul.Sue & tiggs

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