ramblings of the mad cornish pair

O.K. I had a day off today, thought I would soak up some of the local culture, also combine with taking some photos, after reaching my destination! having to deal with a herd of cows, determined to lick me to death! I got there!, where’s there I hear you asking, Morwenstowe Church, steeped in Cornish folk lore for the smuggling trade, & a Vicar who put this part of North Cornwall on the straight & narrow!, the Reverend Stephen Hawker, if you follow the coast path past the church & on to the Cliffs you will come to the original Hawkers Hut! he used to come out on to Cliffs & perch himself in his hut, where he used to write his Sermons for the Parish of morwenstowe, his most noble act was being instrumental in leading to Safety survivors of a Shipwreck, The figurehead of the boat still lives in the Graveyard, just thought I would give you the detail’s of my shoot today! back to Fruit & Veg tommorow, that prompts me stay tuned for a picture of fruit & Veg, uploaded some pictures of today’s shoot! do you find you go crazy with the camera! & come back with 5 good shots!!!!!!

Paul & Tiggs

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