Mad Cornish Pair Have eventful year ahead

O.K. here goe’s 2008 is here & may we wish you a happy & prosperous one!, we gonna be a tad busy but we can handle that, we got a baby,our first exhibition,our first showcase & all that on top of a full time day job, but we are gonna soldier on, we both have goal’s for the year, plus we getting married on September 6th, been out taking photo’s today some of which we have posted allready some we gotta go back & take some more again but we have the seed there! our first exhibition photo is the waiting for a wave, but will be taking again when we have blue sky! a must for photo’s, went to R.A.F. davidstow moor while we were down that way came back with one picture of the control tower but no where near good enough that gonna be a struggle to capture just right, but the place steeped with history, so stay tuned for more from there, anyway bubblers me off to work at so we off to bed just let me finsh by saying redbubble has for us been a gratifying expirience, hope we have made some friends out there in Bubble land & hope you enjoyed our pictures & ramblings through our journal’s more to come in 2008, best wishes to all you bubblers & keep on bubbling

Paul,Sue,Bump & tiggs

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