mad cornish pair going bonkers!

well 24 hours in to smoke free in Blighty! & everybody busy over here scheming ways of overcoming the law on smoke free pubs! remember the burger van we wrote about at car boots, He’s had it!, a triumph for gastronimy in Bude!.
Now to serious stuff, me just come in from the garage with two bit’s of wood, a couple of mushroom boxes & hey presto we have a new display option will show you on Friday night when we try a dry run, so stay tuned for more pic’s of our gallery! wondering if any of you bubblers have any good ideas for display’s ? let us know, keep an eye out also for our friend the Cornishman, him & some friends are walking around Cornwall!, & uploading pictures to bubble,
commented on melinda’s red rag today, good subject hope the rest are equally as inspiring!

See you tommorow

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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