Mad Cornish Pair go West

Ok. faced with the prospect of having all our prints blowing away after the gazebo we decided on!………………………….. going west though we couldn’t actualy go much further west than we are at the moment! not without getting extremely damp

Starting our series on Tin Mines!, Got some stunning shots, as usual we gonna load the best ones in to our portfolio, just to show you what we did on our day off, had some fun capturing the calm tranquil Summer Sea, you will have to browse our portfolio to see that one, White water rafting comes to mind! introduced tiggs to lets get wet in the surf, she didn’t go a bundle on that, Nor did Sue, She still trying to dry herself off,

after the comments from a couple of bubblers we decided to look at flickr! not a patch on redbubble! not even close!,

in the process of looking for a VW Camper van to buy so we can give that the imageworld treatment, they very popular over here & fetch big bucks so will have to sell more prints DON’T suppose any of you have a cheap one going!!!!!………………….

reminds me of another Australian Band Men Down Under, we don’t here any thing from them now are they still going,

Last item you lot getting bored by now! our weekly project SIGN’S got one of those to post as well

we gotta go goodnight now we up early have a good day now

Paul,Sue & a soggy Tiggs

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