award recognised mad cornish pair

Hey all you bubblers! we got recognised by digital photo magazine over here! wow wow wow, now down to business, signs our project for this month! thanks to zee1 for their comments & the sign they posted!, we have a collection of posts! yes posts! sort of a sign made of wood gonna post 1 tonight for you all to admire & add to your favourites…………………………………………………………..? no honest you can

Sue said why!? it’s a post, she dosn’t seem to recognize the work they do, 365 day’s a year 24/7, they stand there & show us the way, Sue say’s I’ve lost it, probably, but at least posts wouldn’t lose it!,

end of our working week hoping the weather will be good enough to roll the Gazebo out tommorow, or we can go & start our series on tin mines, if they find me sane enough to be let out, gonna put our AWARD winning photos in our sales range!

would like to post them as wall art on redbubble but they were taken with our orignal compact!, not enough pixels to make big prints, anyway my Lady & I are gonna enjoy a night together for a change the joy’s of working retail, on vacation in two weeks time gonna take lots of classy pic’s for you all to enjoy at redbubble

Paul,Sue & Tiggs

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