Cornwall set to go bubbling mad?

“Redbubble?” …I’m constantly being asked!
Is Cornwall about to go bubbling mad?
Paul’s been spreading the word!!!….but hey, thats good for you bubblers out there too!
A little over two weeks ago we discovered this site and hell are we hooked!
Plenty of time to browse through your portfolio’s tonight; summer weathers still showing no mercy and Paul’s off on his Flying Officers duties, wont be back til late… I wonder what stunning pictures he could capture over the South West coast of England in that helicopter? …awesome I bet!! shame photography cant play a role!
Had time to change our imageworld pics availabilities, can now be bought also as cards.
Myself ‘grounded’ tonight, my challenge is to distort my subjects composition using light settings… dark and light merging?
Catch up with you bubblers soon.

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