Englands going under!!

Paul’s been at work now for over 2 hrs & I have challenged myself to take that ultimate picture today!?.
Day off has come round again, woken to breaking news of torrential rain falls, causing extreme floodings all over England…. (Wimbledon!)…. 10 more days of relentless rain predicted so looks like ‘Englands going under!’
But hey, good news is that we in Cornwall seem to have escaped unscathed?.
Hard to believe that February this year compared to now was considerably warmer and this time last year we had hosepipe ban in place!
Coastal location is off cards, further inland is probably sensible option today: I hear that member of the Royal family is visiting this way, so maybe I;ll try catch a glimpse.
But, do I feel like being sensible?… nah! some of our best pics todate have been captured taking risks..have to dig out the one where Paul’s sitting on edge of cliff looking out to sea. “Risk?” I hear you say….well?, I only took pic last week & that part of cliff has since been taken by the elements… oopps!
Well, off to do do what I enjoy, shame Paul’s not able to join me today.
Happy bubbling.
Will be back later to check out what you bubblers have been submitting.

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