Mad Cornish Pair Blown Away

Well we gonna be if we step outside the door tommorrow, baton down the hatches & other maritime sayings come to hand but none are of any use, if you havn’t heard of us in a while we are decorating, pacific breeze is the colour, any way down to the nitty gritty of the journal, Stratton United’s team photo, yes we are the luky soul’s who stood out in the cold & rain to take the team photo, hoping to sell a few to the team & fan’s (Yes they do have fan’s) can’t show you the photo though private you know!, sue getting bigger by the day & we heard the baby’s heart beat on tuesday, & the baby is moving lot’s especially when prodded with the ultrasound device, just found out I have a placement for a week with the R.A.F. at the International Air Tatto next year so there will be lot’s of airshow photo’s next year & we are hoping to see the Vulcan back on the airshow circuit next year, other news the exhibition planning is coming on well & should be awesome me & sue are excited bout the possibilities that could afford, any way bubblers thunder & lightning here so we should turn this off happy bubbling, if we happen to float by your window say Hi

Paul,sue & Tiggs

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