ramblins of the mad cornish pair

8.00 p.m. over here, well the english summer set in here, Flood warnings in force & no sunset to photograph though they promise summer will return, watch this space for scorchio, thank you for melindas comments on picture of yesteryear, hoping to post some more on that theme soon! out driving looking for frithlestock & an ancient monastery (found it), drove past a buick in a garage forecourt, thinking on the competition you guy’s got going at the moment, well reckon it would look stunning in black & white, must do that before the closing date! do that a lot, always looking for that perfect picture! see lots on t.v. hard at work on preparing selling areas for the gazebo (sorry Mobile Art Gallery!), having fun doing it though, any way enough ramblings from us & thank you for daveoh & his comments on Alternun Church glad it brought back memories, that’s a point wonder if my cousin ever looks at redbubble out there in Australia?

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