really eager mad cornish pair

Well tommorows the day we try our new selling gizmo! sorry mobile Art Gallery, trial run so we can develop it as we go along, amongst things happing here tonight going out to take a commission that we have had placed will place results in our portfolio when we done tonight! or today if you in Australia, thank you for your comments on our journal, makes us believe that we are going in the right direction (Weather depending) although it is wimbledon fortnight! that means two weeks of tennis or if traditions right Cliff Richard singing to the crowds, less said about that the better, me thinks, if you ever in the South West U.K. pop in to a booty & say hi, hopefully by then we will have the signs in place, doing the series on tin mines two weeks time friend of ours is writing an article for stern magazine so stay tuned anyhoo! good morning keep your eyes peeled for our pictures tonight on Bude in the dark

Paul,Sue & tiggs

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