Mad Cornish Pair on the loose with gazebo

good morning Australia, we been busy over here with the arrival of the gazebo! (or mobile gallery), will post pictures of the set up on Sunday after we been out selling prints!,

was suppose to be taking pictures of King Arthurs Castle today, inclement weather put paid to that! you know how soggy Britain can be in the summer, thank you for the comment on tiggs from damien, she well stoked with her reception, Twinkle well miffed about being left out in the cold so to speak visit our portfolio,

been surfing the pictures taken by redbubblers today well taken by lots of them, setting up the picture for unleashed today should be a stonking picture if it comes off the way I want it to!!!!

anyhow keep it in focus over there, hope to have lots of comments to read tommorow maybe even a sale or two

Paul & sue

p.s regarding gazebo: any know where this left over pole goes…………….?

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