mad cornish pair! we got a gazebo!!

us again the mad cornish pair! sat here wondering how to improve our appearance at the car boot…. get a gazebo, I said!.
what! sue said.
sorry, I said… a mobile Art Gallery, I said. (right answer! phew!)
anyway we are picking it up tommorow, imageworld are going mobile! with a touch of class……….. photo to follow on Sunday,
car boots here we come, burger man has invested in a second trailer only because the first 1 got towed away!?( wasn’t us)……. Honest, being serious hope it will add a touch of class to our image and draw the punters in, doing well taken an order for 2 prints. sue had a good look at redbubble & came up with a novel idea for ‘unleashed’ results to follow, thank you all for your comments on our photos, catch you soon,

imageworld & Tiggs

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